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Jitendra Vaswani Interview | Man behind | DigiTalksbyDigiperform

Jitendra Vaswani Interview | Man behind | DigiTalksbyDigiperform
Content is the most powerful tool when it comes to conversion which can be shared in various forms like blogs, vlogs, videos, pictures, ebooks, newsletters, etc. You may have come across many famous content marketers like Neil Patel, who believes content is free and should be shareable in the easiest ways. Recently we have approached one of the famous influencers who is well known as a passionate blogger, entrepreneur as well as digital marketer in India – Jitendra Vaswani……. During DigiTalks by Digiperform, he shared the role of content in any business’ success, how to create a positive attitude to achieve big in career and how’s his journey been so far? Let’s read more about him and his newly launched book. Name: Jitendra Vaswani Profile: Digital Marketer, Blogger, Influencer, & Entrepreneur Companies/Platforms: BloggersIdeas, SchemaNinja & DigiExe

About Jitendra Vaswani:

Jitendra Vaswani is a passionate blogger, digital marketing SEO consultant, influencer as well as an entrepreneur. With more than 5+ experience in SEO & Digital Marketing, currently, he’s a proud founder of BloggersIdeas, WordPress Plugin SchemaNinja, & Digital Marketing Agency DigiExe. He had worked with top brands like Firstcry, Zopper, Railyatri & various others international brands. He has been recognized as one of the Top 20 Bloggers in India and got featured on many online marketing magazines. Thereafter, he has helped hundreds of individuals and small businesses to increase their online visibility and integrate business through his blog. He has partnered with many international companies to promote their online businesses and is one of the most active members of the Indian blogosphere. He is currently the Brand Ambassador of Payoneer (International Payment Solution Company) and a strong online influence over popular social media channels. He uses a combination of SEO, content marketing, social media & high converting funnels to get customers business to shoot up.

About BloggersIdeas:

BloggersIdeas is one of the top blogging sites where Jitendra Vaswani writes about How to blog tips, SEO news, products reviews, etc., to help hundreds of individuals and small businesses to increase their online visibility; and give an overview to integrate their businesses.

About SchemaNinja:

SchemaNinja is WordPress plugin and the first baby of Jitendra Vaswani launched in 2016 which is a most powerful conversion based review and recommendation WordPress plugin for website owners. At SchemaNinja, he helps to solve the problem of Schema ratings & recommendations and builds a plugin that grows website business by converting website visitors into customers.

About DigiExe – Digital Marketing Agency:

DigiExe is a digital marketing agency that offers high-quality digital marketing and web development services to their premium clients. It is an ideal online marketing platform that provides all the necessary measures to boost a business’ through digital marketing and web development services.

How did the journey start?

His journey started during the college days when he was not that happy the way how people and family expected him to be. He always wanted to follow his passion rather following the old pursuit of society. During the time, he got introduced to the world of SEO through his friend that changed his career forever. Instead of following family tradition to do 9 to 5 job, he decided to follow his entrepreneur dream irrespective of family pressure with full his dedication and hard work.

During the DigiTalks by Digiperform with Jitendra Vaswani:

Timestamps to make things simpler for you:

0:39 – Introduction 1:28 – Content is FREE 2:35 – Origin Story of Jitendra Vaswani and how he got an idea for 4:53 – Why you should attend events and mastermind with other people 5:39 – Investing vs. Simply spending 6:56 – Start with what you have 7:06 – Jitendra talks about his 1st ever blog 9:54 – Post Balcony DigiTalk 12:00 – When he filmed GaryVee for a small minute 17:42 – Being a YouTuber or anything else, it’s always HARD WORK & Creativity 21:35 – How much is the Digital Marketing Salary question answered 26:38 – How he keeps updated with digital marketing knowledge? 32:43 – Digiperform Content is Honest & Transparent FOR YOU 33:17 – Jitendra talks about the type of content he has on his blog 34:09 – Advice for all the digital marketing freshers 37:12 – Final thoughts Jitendra suggested the list of resources that should be followed by everyone; if anyone wants to excel in the career as a digital marketer: Search Engine Land: Search Engine Journal: Seround Table: Warrior Forum:

Takeaway: His Book


Book Title: Inside A Hustler’s Brain: In Pursuit of Financial Freedom


About the Book:

Inside a Hustler’s Brain book written by Jitendra Vaswani is a framework of his experiences, development and hustling attitude to give an idea about the marketing tools, knowledge, and actionable resources that one needs to reach his/her potential. In the book, he has described each chapter with a specific lesson he culled from his hustling “professors” and his own experiences to teach you how to create a vision, develop hustle, and use dedication, mindfulness, joy, and love to reach goals. He firmly believes that the Internet has the power to transform any expertise into a full-scale business. He says that if you have the skill and passion, then you can create a business around what you love. It doesn’t take more than 30 minutes.
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