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How Julian Bakery increased conversions through Google Display Network?

How Julian Bakery increased conversions through Google Display Network?

Sneak Peak:

Read this case study to know how a Food & beverage brand made use of Google Display network for driving brand awareness & sales and increased its conversions by 35%. Company: Julian Bakery Industry: Food & Beverage Tool Used: Google Display Network Result: 35% increase in conversions Business Type: B2C

The Brand & the Story

A food & beverage company, Julian Bakery ( was founded in 1990 by Barbara Squier. The FMCG brand is renowned for producing low carb, vegan, and gluten free breads that are nutritious, organic and easy to digest. Generating awareness as well as conversions for their business was something Julian Bakery was concerned about. The baking company turned towards Google Display network for getting an advertising solution and achieving its goals. The Google Display Network campaign not just helped Julian Bakery in increasing conversions by 35% and impressions by 330% but also help it grow faster & smoothly. The company that started with just 10 employees now has over 35 employees.

Julian Bakery’s objective behind using Google Display Network

The FMCG brand wanted to increase impressions for driving brand awareness for the business as well as drive relevant traffic to its online store for raising online conversions. The company also wanted to promote its products to a relevant and local audience for lifting the in-store conversions.

Turning to the Google Display Network

When Heath Squier, Head of Marketing at Julian Bakery settled on expanding his online marketing campaigns, the Google Display Network seemed a very promising platform to him. “We are always looking for new ways to reach more customers,” says Heath. “Many of our customers research our bread online before making an in-store purchase, so having a large online presence is very important to us.” The Julian Bakery marketing team could select the specific sites for showing their ads with the help of placement targeting on the Google Display Network. On top of it, geo-targeting allowed helped them with showing their ads to specific geographic areas that eventually helped Heath and his team in expanding the reach of their online campaigns to a relevant, local audience. “With placement targeting, I can focus my campaign spend on the most effective websites. And geo-targeting lets me spend more in areas where we have in-store locations,” added Heath. “We can have a national presence, but still target our campaigns on a local level!” In short with placement targeting they could run ads on relevant websites and with geo-targeting they could focus on areas with in-store sales.

Tasting the Sweet Success

Running specifically targeted campaigns on Google Display network helped Julian Bakery Julian in achieving their goals quickly & smoothly. There was a 35% increase in the conversions apart from 330% increase in impressions. “The stores we sell in are telling us, ‘I don’t know what you’re doing, but it’s working, “joked Heath.”They have customers coming in specifically looking for our breads, and they can’t believe how effective our marketing has been.” Campaign Highlights:
  • 35% increase in conversions
  • 330% increase in impressions
  • Comparable CPA to search

Words by Health Squier, Head of Marketing, Julian Bakery

“Google advertising has been key to our success! It’s helped us achieve significant growth, and will be an integral part of our future marketing campaigns!”
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