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How to Leverage Social Media Platforms for Landing the Next Big Jobs?

How to Leverage Social Media Platforms for Landing the Next Big Jobs?
They say networking has always been very crucial if you are planning to take the next step in your career. And! That is what social media is – an advanced & techie way of growing your network. Moreover, whether these are employees or the employers, both make use of the social networking platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook for investigating whether the other one is a good fit for what one is looking for. Even the employment sector is evolving these days and that employers are looking something more than the usual skills, they are looking for more creativity in a candidate irrespective of the industry they are dealing in. For example, even if you are an IT professional doing programming sort of things, employers would prefer those who have an educative blog on the related topics they are dealing in apart from the usual qualities & skills displayed in your resume. So, getting rid of creativity isn’t easy for anyone now. Moreover, for complementing the fast-accelerating competition in the job sector, major social players like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc. have started to serve as a viable platform for making you land at a job without any frustration and struggle. So, if you have the right competency with all ears on the industry and a well-planned social media strategy, landing the next potential job you always had been looking for isn’t a big deal. Check out how!


Tip#1: Though connecting to strangers on Facebook could be a strange act but not on LinkedIn. You can always connect with even the unknowns on LinkedIn if you share the same industry with that person or that person belongs to the industry you want to get into. Don’t forget! Employers prefer a profile with more connections more than those with fewer connections. Try joining Active Groups, posting questions about vacancy for jobs for showing your interest and remain connected. Moreover, you might also find a mentor for you through it as LinkedIn profiles are visible. Tip#2: Join relevant job boards and stay tuned to them, for they update you on all the opportunities you might be interested in. However, there are a few things you must keep in mind for making most out of the job boards such as picking the right job board as well as many job boards, searching jobs on the basis of Location, Job title and Salary Activate account management, utilizing different job board functionalities like response templates, filter questions, etc. and last but not the least following the potential companies for staying updated about them. Tip#3: get as much as endorsement & recommendations from your connections as they promote you and your work helping you in getting the right job. Tip#4: Consistently, share relevant and valuable content such as articles or attention-grabbing insights as they can increase the chances of you getting contacted by the recruiter by almost 10%. Tip#5: let the recruiters know what all you are good at and so build your profile completely mentioning all the details & covering all the sections in your LinkedIn Profile.


Tip#1: It’s almost obvious that you must be following the company you want to get into! Good! Just try adding them to your like list as well. Also, enable notifications for those companies in order to stay updated about them including the job openings. Tip#2: Make sure you update your profile on Facebook with every change that happens to your career life or related stuffs. Tip#3: If in case it’s not known to you let me tell you Facebook has a dedicated option for professional skills on the profile page, Go ahead and update it if you have not yet!


Tip#1: While searching for a job through the search bar, try including the keywords relevant to the job you are hunting for such as ‘engineering jobs’, ‘jobs vacancy in Pune, or ‘jobs in IT’. Tip#2: Using the Hashtags (#tags) before the search terms will also help you as most of the times on Twitter employers post the jobs with #tags in order to caste a wider net. Tip#3: Try following the twitter handles that are meant for job posts and to get the list of these handles, simply write jobs in the search bar. Tip#4: Liking content on LinkedIn & Facebook adds value to your profile it does for Twitter as well. Try sharing tweets as that will perk up the chances of connecting with people of your interest.


 If you are active on social media, stay active on it very actively so that even the employers and the recruiters know how active you are!! 🙂
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