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Let It Snow: Winter Related Emojis and What They Mean

Let It Snow: Winter Related Emojis and What They Mean
Winter takes pride in being the coldest season of the year. It somehow connotes and symbolizes harshness, silence, calmness, detachment, and mourning, but it can also depict love, lights, and a festive season. Winter would be the high time to get cozy by reading a book in front of your fireplace while sipping hot cocoa or just sitting in front of the window, adoring the beauty of the season. Winter brings a sense of celebration and the air of festivities. All of these things can be represented in emojis. The power of emoji is a great way to express sentiments and send warm hugs online. In this article, we will uncover winter-related emojis to help you spread some raw emotions and frosty greetings. Worry not, this still involves some carol services, Christmas markets, stodgy food, winter woolies, and the smell of the cold. Grab your jacket, coat, fur, fleece, and your loved ones because this will be a chilly and a frigid ride to the snowy universe of emojis

Snowflake Emoji

What would be a more excellent representation of winter than the magnificent symmetry provided by nature and the snowflake’s uniqueness? The snowflake emoji was approved and added to emoji in 2015 and is still gracing its feathery ice crystal streaked with bluish-white hue in the conversations. Snowflake emoji being a weather icon, can be used as a representation of a cold, snowy day. Its depiction can extend through other reflections such as cold climates, wintertime, and winter activity, like skiing and snowboarding. In the social platform Snapchat, snowflake emoji together with sun emoji is a kind of trophy that you can earn. The snowflake trophy is given when the user sends a snap that features the below freezing point filter.

Snowman Emoji

Traditionally made by children and sometimes with their parents during winter, the picture of snow sculpture is made from two or sometimes three large snowballs, stick arms, coal eyes, top hat, carrot nose, and two or three buttons visible on its torso. Sometimes shown with a smile and a red scarf was interpreted in the world of emoji but with the addition of snowflakes falling. This emoji was added in 2015. The snowman emoji exist as a symbol in the realm of winter fun, family quality time, celebrations, and festivities like New Year and Christmas.

Evergreen Tree Emoji

The Evergreen Tree emoji embody a tall and brown colored trunk, a dark shade of green, accompanied with a cone-shaped tree, bearing layered yet shaggy leaves. It is like an animated vision of a needle-leaved tree or a pine that naturally strives in the woods. With its connotation and symbolism, this one is the center of tons of tradition. For example, the evergreen tree is turned into a Christmas tree during the Holidays.  But speaking of undecorated, the Evergreen Tree emoji is mostly used through the context of traveling, nature, and woods An evergreen tree, in which a tree that keeps its green leaves all year round. Furthermore, this can also be used to depict various types of trees, winter, northern, nature, and especially the Christmas season.

Cold Face Emoji

It is characterized as having a face streaked with a hue to icy-blue exhibiting a gritted teeth that are usually reflected through icicles that are clinging to its cheeks. This emoji can symbolize unfriendliness, which may mean cold or express excellence.  In the Apple design, the Cold Face emoji shows the same facial expression with its Grimacing Face emoji. In 2018, under the name of ‘Freezing Face,’ the Cold Face emoji was approved as part of Unicode 11.0. In 2018, it was added to Emoji 11.0.

Foggy Emoji

An aesthetically pleasing emoji includes the red Golden Gate Bridge. Foggy weather was in a display that seemed to cover the bridge or the cityscape. The HTC version of the emoji features a schematic picture of the Fog. Moreover, the Foggy Emoji represents or symbolizes smoke, foggy weather, cities in general, and even smog.

Wind Blowing Face Emoji

The Wind Blowing Face Emoji shows a face that is blowing wind, which implies the personification of the North Wind or Mother Nature, who catalyzes the wind by blowing a bunch of air from its mouth. The gray human face, which is generally perceived to encapsulate a feminine appearance. It is blowing gusts of winds from her mouth to the right. This emoji is commonly used to represent windy weather though sometimes it is utilized to signify smoke, clouds, smoking, and fog. Not to be confused with another emoji, which is the Dashing Away, although some of their usages are quite similar and may overlap. The Wind Blowing Face Emoji in Microsoft’s design is in the shade of blue, the same as Facebook’s, in which the design vividly suggests a woman’s face. In WhatsApp, the emoji is depicted in a cloud with a face, as Samsung’s previously did.

Umbrella With Rain Drops Emoji

A general depiction of a purple piece of fabric accompanied by a hook handle and rain droplets seems to fall on its top. This emoji is totally different from the Umbrella emoji and Closed Umbrella emoji, though, at some point, their applications and purpose may sometimes overlap. The Umbrella with Rain Drops emoji is used in a wide variety of content that concerns rainy weather. In a messaging application WhatsApp, the color of the umbrella is in the shade of green, while in Microsoft and Samsung it is red in hue, Google was once in blue, and Facebook is in pink. In 2016, through a poll facilitated by Durex, the Umbrella with Rain Drops emerged as the (unofficial) emoji that represents safe sex and condoms for the celebration of World AIDS Day.

Use these chilly emojis accordingly

Winter is a fun and awesome time of the year. For an introvert is it a fantastic excuse not to leave the house and just cozy in your duvet and for an extrovert to play in the snow and create snow angels, do sledding, skiing, and snowboarding. And what makes it great is when these activities have their own emojis to make it much easier and simple to express your feelings accurately. No need for long explanations, just a couple of emojis, and you will be fine.
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