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MBA or Digital Marketing, Which one is best for students?

MBA or Digital Marketing, Which one is best for students?
You have just graduated and want to pursue higher education for your career. Looking for a Richie rich pay future however very confused what to choose next? Generally, 90 percent of student population thinks MBA is the most suitable and best option for higher education. But if you have done real research then you must have seen numerous articles stating that MBA candidates are hired less these days. m11 According to study, only 7% of MBA candidates from Indian Business Schools excluding those from the top 20 Business Schools get jobs straight after completing their course and hired in the corporate sector. Rest MBA candidates are struggling to get the job as per their qualifications and earning only 8-10K per month or driving a taxi in Uber or Ola. Have you wondered what the reason behind this is? Why is MBA which used to be the most demanding and prestigious type of education and source of employment has lost its sheen? Due to economic conditions, not every student can afford to join Top 20 Business Schools. Students are always in a deep dilemma regarding which course to pursue a better career with Richie pay income. The answer to the later statement is Digital Marketing. Yes, Digital Marketing can provide you the all the benefits of the long-time career that a student is looking for without being worrying for getting admissions in the top B class schools. In this post, I will share why is Digital Marketing is the best career choice for students in the coming years as compared to MBA? Before that, you need to understand what is Digital Marketing? m2 What is Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing is the new form of marketing that helps businesses to promote and advertise their products or services to target the masses of consumers through digital mediums such as smartphones, laptops, etc. For example, you may have noticed lots emails in your inbox regarding shopping, SMS on mobiles, ads on Youtube while playing videos, display or picture ads on Google, etc, these are all because of Digital Marketing.

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Why has Digital Marketing upper hand as compared to MBA in the coming years? Now, companies don’t look for degrees or internships, they look for skills. They need potential candidates who can help them to achieve the businesses’ sales targets and generate leads for them in the best possible way. And no doubt where the trend is following the path of digitalization, Digital Marketers are considered as most appropriate profiles rather than any MBA candidates. Reasons:
  • MBA has lost its value: Barring the top class business schools like IIMs, more than 5500 business schools in India have been producing the “unemployable” graduates in the market, earning less than Rs 10,000 per month if they find placements. The study blames these schools as they have made education as a source of business to earn money and provided very low-quality education and infrastructure. Due to this, you can find an MBA in every house. These same reasons are also affecting our major top class business schools.
On the other hand, Digital Marketing is trending more than an MBA as “The Economic Times” has even confirmed that Digital Marketing is one of the “Top 5 Professions” in the world and there will be more than 18 lakhs jobs in the coming three years which can give our generation a viola experience with huge packages in the coming years. m3
  • Same Old Curriculum: The market has been evolving for many years however MBA course hasn’t changed its curriculum. They are still teaching case studies of 90’s in 2017. MBA schools are still following same orthodox theories and philosophies. Due to this, there is a wide gap lies between the industry relevant skills and education.
MBA as a name says it talks about business but the fact is that business can’t be taught, it has to be experienced. It has to go with the trend. Due to this, MBA is helping in building the attitude but not skills. On the other hand, Digital Marketing is the new trend and the future of the marketing. It teaches and gives you a clear vision and detailed information on the need of the market. The big and small enterprises are following the same path so they need the Digital Marketers professionals or experts to fill the gap and help them to target the masses.
  • Digital Marketing is more Affordable than any MBA: The students and professionals are well aware of the reality that companies will only value your MBA if you have passed out through any top B-class regular school. Other MBAs have got no value and potential in employer’s eyes. And, top B-class MBA is not a cup of everyone’s tea.
m4 In contrast, Digital Marketing is more affordable and you can even receive the return your investment into this program as you can get trending jobs plus extra earning while pursuing the course.
  • Digital Marketing is Easy to Learn with Less Duration: Being 100% non-technical course, Digital Marketing is very much easy to learn and you even don’t need any degree or technical knowledge to pursue it. Even 12th pass student can start learning digital marketing. Only one quality you need to learn digital marketing is Internet Savvy. It adds a lot more of science and analytics to marketing which is why it can give equivalent results like an MBA. In addition, duration of this course is quite less which is only a few months rather than years.
m5 There can be many other benefits to learn and add the skill of digital marketing. In my opinion, if students and professionals can get same high package and respect as being a Digital Marketer in less time and investment, they should follow the trend rather than wasting their time and money for another degree. Digital Marketing is far much better than any MBA or other course in the coming years.
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Jitendra tripathi

Kindly advice the best institute in Allahabad u.p.

Aditi Khinda

Hi Jitendra,
Digiperform is India’s Largest Digital Marketing Training Company which has been awarded by WCRC Leaders Asia (which is Leading Marketing Research Firm and Magazine for Asian Leaders) as the “Most Trusted Brand in Digital Education”.
You can check our website for more details. We do have a center in Allahabad, U.P.


Kindly advice institute in mumai

Aditi Khinda

Hi Jagdish,
You can check our official website as Digiperform itself is Digital Marketing Training Company and we do have many centers in Mumbai as in Navi Mumbai, Bandra, Kandivali West, Lower Parel and Thane.
Please click below link to know more:

MBA Greater Noida

Thanks for this valuable information keep it up.

Neha Singh

I want to know that what is the best course MBA or Digital marketing please suggese

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