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Why should Managers learn Digital Marketing?

Why should Managers learn Digital Marketing?
Each business or company needs a person who can manage all the work and give the best results as per plan. A manager is a good figurehead personality who reinforces the mission and vision of an organization. He/she performs different roles such as interpersonal, informational, decisional and marketing roles. For a company success, a manager needs to manage the various aspects of online strategy, from social media to search optimization, campaigns to execution, everything. mgr2 As the role of digital marketing is playing a vital role in attracting customers and globalization is making it more relevant, the majority of companies are asking for marketing experts especially managers to learn digital marketing and executive it. A manager or director who oversees marketing campaigns from the management to execution, they need to add digital marketing skills so that they can provide a clear direction to the team members of the marketing department like copywriters, sales executives, web designer etc. mgr1 Over the last 20 years, marketing has grown significantly and have become more complicated. There are numbers of ways to market the product or services and target the masses for the same like print marketing, network marketing, direct marketing, branding and hundreds of other ways. A manager who plans and manages the overall element of marketing is responsible for keeping the team focused on achieving the company’s short or long term goals. In order to bring the momentum and unleash the company’s success, I have listed few reasons why managers should learn or add digital marketing skill?
  • Digital Marketing is the need of an hour: Digital Marketing would not remain just a choice but it would have become the need of the marketing industries because of the competition and scope of globalization. Almost all the companies are contesting to advertise their products digitally apart from the traditional way of marketing as people are reluctantly depended on digital mediums for their survival. They have become so addicted to technology and always want to make most of it. This gives an ample of opportunities to the manager or wannabe managers to enhance their skills and make a career in digital marketing.
  • Digital Marketing is a Universal Platform: Not only marketing or advertising companies are utilizing the digital platform for advertisement but several other sectors like banks, education, medical, hospitality and even Government sector are channelizing the digital platform for marketing purpose. Hence, managers or executives who are already associated with either of these fields may gain an advantage over their career by learning digital marketing.
  • More Options: Managers who are not mentally satisfied with their current job, work profile or salary, etc. can explore digital marketing and utilize this new ocean of opportunities in the field of digital marketing. This profession is in huge demand as there will be more than 18 lakhs jobs in the next coming 3 years and lack of experienced professionals to fulfill them which can give an immense opportunity and act as per the need.
  • Extra Money: Working managers, who want to earn more or try something new, can work as a part time or freelancer on weekends or in spare time by writing contents or become an affiliate marketer for online stores. They can even learn on weekends who can’t take time on weekdays as this is the most flexible course to learn.
  • Stay Ahead in Competition: Companies need talents who can help them in developing businesses, increase leads, sales and profits, and look the current marketing scenario. You can’t afford all these in your old marketing way. The creativity and expertise in digital marketing will help you to strive in competition and helps others to guide the same.
mgr7 The digital marketing is industry growing at a pace and the demand for experienced digital marketing managers is becoming greater than ever before. If you want to be the best, then add this skill in your resume and venture in the best possible way.
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