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Meanings Behind Love And Flirty Emojis And To Whom You Should Send Them

Meanings Behind Love And Flirty Emojis And To Whom You Should Send Them
Have you ever thought of a way to express your love to your significant other? Do you want to send an innocent message to your friends and coworkers without being misunderstood? Or do you want to send a flirty and sexual message to your one-time fling? Emojis can surely help you in conveying your messages and emotions without having to say a single word. In this article, we will show you several emoji you can send to other people and the meanings behind them.

Smiling Face With Heart-Eyes Emoji

This happy face with emoji or only heart eye emoji depicts a big smile with pupils in the form of the heart, optimistic or “in the groove” This emoji is frequently seen to impress. For instance, you could find a photo of anyone stunning or desirable to your standards or “your style,” This emoji is intended to convey affection or devotion.  This emoji of the heart-eye will not only concern an individual to whom you “fascinated to,” as well as an individual to whom you consider lovely and attractive, without erotic or romantic emotions. It’s their elegance to laud. This emoji can also be used to appreciate the uniqueness of certain things, creatures, plants, etc.

Two Hearts Emoji

Such Two Emoji hearts represent two different-sized pink or red hearts. The twin hearts rise over one another: the more significant the underside, and the larger at the top. It’s like the “beaming smile, and three hearts face” because it can be included whenever you feel lovely. It can also be a manner to convey to anyone or things that you have an adoration feeling or sensation.  This emoji can be included for intimate or polite reasons. It varies as to who you deliver this symbol of a heart or however you view it. Youngsters have used this emoji for expressing benevolent and robust affection.

Smirking Face Emoji

The emergence of this emoji shows that you hook up or provide an awe-inspiring reply. It might also mean that you sound optimistic and pleased with yourself in interpersonal relationships because you have accomplished much nicer.  On the other side, this emoji’s radial yellow image looks with a murky half-smile sharply on the left. In specific posts online data, particularly for men, the smiling emoji grin is generally recognized.  During the year 2017, the Clover database application analyzed emoji utilization in its communication and reported that the smirking expressions of the men delivered to females are the most common emoji.

Winking Face Emoji

Similar to the previously mentioned emoji, this winking emoji is also used when you are flirting with someone. It can be sent to show love and affection, or it can be used for sexual reasons and provoking someone sexually. It all depends on how you use the emoji and your recipient.

Blow Kiss Emoji

Whether they may be our friends, lovers, spouses, or even our parents, showing love feelings through this blow kiss emoji is widely used. It can be for a useful purpose or also to be flirty to someone. If you want to send someone a kiss today, this emoji is the best way to send them virtually.

Peach and Aubergine Emojis

If you want to step up your flirting game, you might want to use this couple of emojis to compliment someone sexually or provoke their sexual minds. As you can observe, the peach emoji looks like a pink bum, while the aubergine emoji looks like a man’s sexual or private part. If you wish to send them without any sexual reasons or remarks, be careful when you send them, since this is the collective meaning behind this emoji, and you don’t want them to think or misinterpret you for being perverted.

Yellow Heart Emojis

When sending love messages, you want to avoid making it creepy or disturbing to the other party, especially when you are not on the level wherein you can send sexual or thought-provoking remarks.  If you want to show or express a pure love full of innocence, the yellow heart emoji suits the best. It can be a way to express appreciation to a special someone or a friendly symbol to send to your closest buddies. You can incorporate these into your messages, or you can send them this one yellow heart. Like its color, yellow, this symbol signifies a bright and vibrant color, which can be interpreted as optimism and sunshine. The yellow heart emoji is the best way to express how genuine and kind-hearted the heart’s recipient is.

Send emojis responsibly

Love can be a pure form, or even in a sexual way. It all depends on which level you are in with the person or your recipient. You always have to keep in mind that the emojis and everything else can have distinct meanings, and they could mean a negative connotation. So, be careful when sending emojis!
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