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What is the role of mobile marketing in business?

What is the role of mobile marketing in business?
As people are more inclined towards digital technology and their life revolves around smartphones only, it has become high time to understand the importance of mobile marketing for business perspective. It is the modern necessity that small and large businesses need to have a significant mobile presence in the market. People prefer to check any mail, message and many things on phones rather than spending time on laptops as it is easily accessible anywhere and anytime. What is Mobile Marketing? Mobile marketing is one of the streams or ways of digital marketing that aims in reaching a target audience on their smartphones or mobiles devices. It is the most happening trend across the globe. It is the permission-based marketing tool as you need to have the permission and customer’s mobile number for the same and it can be in the form of texts, images, and visuals. mob1 Marketers are now well aware of the fact that if the business is not having a mobile friendly website, will lose the right targeting and approach of a business. It is essential that small and large businesses plan and chalks out an effective and comprehensive mobile marketing strategy. A good way to understand the mindset and preferences of your mobile audience as per your business before implementing a mobile-friendly website as it will help you to gain trustworthy customer base for a longer run. The role of Mobile Marketing in Business Mobile marketing unlocks the power of opportunities for marketers on a very high scale. Unlike any other engagement and communication channel, mobile allows marketers to reach larger audiences in a very personal way. Here I am going to discuss the role of mobile marketing in the small as well as large businesses:
  • Mobile Commerce: Mobile has become the source if shopping online. According to Hubspot, mobile commerce will command 24.4% of overall e-commerce profit by the end of 2017 which is remarkable. That is the reasons why even social media platforms have incorporated the “SHOP NOW” button in the business pages as they are also well aware of the importance of online shopping in the coming years. Now it’s down to brands and companies to capitalize on the mobile stream, using mobile-specific advertising, search engine marketing, and mobile friendly pages to get in front of shoppers 24X7.
  • SMS Marketing: SMS marketing is the powerful way to get your message into people’s mind without the clutter of email inboxes or noise of other channels. A text message has 90% open rate which helps people to literally stop in their tracks and look into the message. Almost 98% of people read messages within three minutes even in just a beep or give a glance to it. So it is the right time to understand the power of SMS.
  • Ranks higher in Search Engines: As per Google new algorithm, mobile friendly sites rank high than any other non-optimized sites in the search engines. So, this gives the best reason to follow the rules of mobile marketing and stand high in every search of your audience.
  • Result Oriented: Mobile Marketing is different as compared to email marketing or any other digital marketing tools. In most of the cases, emails are even deleted without opening to it but this is not the scenario in mobile marketing. It has proven that 98 percent of mobile phone owners read SMS they receive.
  • Cost Effective: This is the only tool that won’t ask for pounds of investments. It is a very cost effective and can be a good source of investment for small businesses and startups.
  • Build Relationship: As mobile is the device that users always keep them, the ability to reach customers anytime and anywhere builds a strong relationship for a longer term. By letting them know about latest sales, new launches, offers, new products arrivals etc will make them feel special and appreciated.
mob6 It is easy to understand the importance of mobile marketing and overwhelm it, however the worst thing you can do is ignoring its potential. Start from the basic:
  • Ensure your website is mobile friendly.
  • Start communicating and sharing your new products or launches through SMS marketing campaigns.
  • Build your relation with customers through search engine marketing campaigns for mobile.
  • Invest in mobile marketing strategy.
I hope this post has given the basic idea regarding the roles and importance of mobile marketing in any industry. You can share your mobile marketing tips and strategies to add and share informative things with others. Enroll Yourself for Internet Marketing Training Course and Become Expert
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