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What is Mobile Marketing?

What is Mobile Marketing?
You might have noticed dozen of messages promoting the brands and campaigns regarding sales, new launches, and upcoming products on mobile messages. Mobile Marketing has come as the most happening trend across marketers whenever they want to target interested audiences. As most of the internet users are on smartphones, it makes easier to target them through mobile marketing and make most of it. Mobile Marketing is one of the concepts of digital marketing that aims in reaching a target audience on their smartphones or mobile devices via SMS and apps and build a relationship with customers for a long run. It is a permission based marketing tool as you need to have customer’s mobile number for the same and can be in the form of texts, visuals or both. Mobile Marketing Within India, we are about to reach more than 450 million mobile users by June 2017 which gives an immense platform to target the audience through the mobile marketing channel. Also Read: How can Mobile Marketing help your business? So, let’s discuss why mobile marketing is one the emerging trends and beneficial for all kind of businesses.
  • Cost Effective: This is the only tool that won’t ask for pounds of investments. It is a very cost effective and can be a good source of investment for small businesses and startups.
  • Builds Relationship: As mobile is the device that users always keep them, the ability to reach customers anytime and anywhere builds a strong relationship for a longer term. By informing them about latest sales, new launches, offers, new products arrivals etc will make them feel special and appreciated.
  • Mobile Commerce: Shopping has evolved and people feel more comfortable to sit and shop from anywhere on mobile apps. According to Hubspot, mobile commerce will command 24% of overall e-commerce profit by the end of 2017 and even social media platforms have installed “Shop Now” icon to increase the affectability.
  • Result Oriented: Mobile Marketing is different as compared to email marketing or other digital marketing tools. In most of the cases, emails are even deleted without opening to it but this is not the scenario in mobile marketing. It has proven that 90 percent of mobile phone owners read SMS they receive.
  • Immediate effect: A campaign is nothing if it doesn’t show results. People have mobiles always with them which give a tendency to reach your messages anytime and anywhere. It can yield results spontaneous.
With the changing face of marketing and customer’s needs, marketers need to understand the importance of mobile marketing.
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