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Snapchat rolls out ‘suggest a friend’ feature

Snapchat rolls out ‘suggest a friend’ feature
Snapchat has launched a new feature called ‘Suggest a Friend’ that will help brands and users get more followers. Earlier, users had to find the exact Snapchat handle and suggested names manually to friends. Users will be access the new feature via the Snapchat stories list. Tapping and holding on someone’s name will show the new options. At the same time, for sending the account to the other people, users will have to tap the blue arrow on the right, which is received as a private chat message. The recipient can there see the suggested account’s name, handle, profile GIF, and a button to add them. As per the report, this new button can be benefitial for Snapchat celebs as they could ask their followers to suggest them to friends.
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