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Top 10 Best SEO Tools For Auditing & Monitoring Your Website in 2021

Top 10 Best SEO Tools For Auditing & Monitoring Your Website in 2021
SEO auditing is the initial step numerous professional SEOs take to understand the health of their site, ranking of keywords, and much more. Auditing is one of the most vital SEO processes to evaluate the compatibility of a website with search engines.  Monitoring your website efficiently is also important to keep it high ranked and attract more audience, and these SEO audit tools are an excellent source for it. In this article, we have shortlisted 10 of the top ten best SEO tools for auditing and monitoring your website in 2021. 

Uses of SEO audit tools: 

These tools have various uses that are important for monitoring your website appropriately. A few of those uses are as follows: 
  • They analyse your site’s content 
  • They improve your site’s content 
  • They help to access URL structure 
  • These tools also give suggestions on how to make your site better 
  • Help to rank your content on search engines

Top 10 Best SEO Audit tools in 2021: 

We have done the research, and in this article, we have mentioned the best SEO tools for auditing and monitoring your website. These auditing and monitoring tools are excellent for Professional agencies of SEO like Traffv as well as any individual who is trying to enhance their website. These are the 10 best SEO monitoring tools: 
  1. DA PA Checker
  2. Rephrase
  3. Article Rewriter
  4. Plagiarism checker
  5. Backlink checker
  6. Site speed checker
  7. SERPS checker
  8. Keyword planner
  9. Robot.txt generator 
  10. Competitor Analysis 

1. Sitechecker

Sitechecker is a multifunctional tool that allows you to conduct quality monitoring of your site. Using the website monitoring feature, you will be able to monitor all changes on your website and keep track of its stable operation time. You can measure the impact of changes to your site on its ranking. This tool is also great for tracking your competitors' internal SEO and content marketing tactics.


The tool provides advanced paraphrasing options as it works on the latest AI technology. Rephrasing tools assist you in rewriting your content in such a way that you get an output that is precise and unique.  It will help you create new content that is exclusive, readable, and easy to understand. It does not only change the words with similar ones or synonyms but also helps in changing the whole structure of the sentences. allows you to write articles, blog posts and copywriting for marketing. The tool makes sure to generate plagiarism-free content to help it rank on search engines and get a good SEO. The tool has various features, including:  Features: 
  • Protects your content
  • Paraphrase precisely 
  • Generates unique content
  • Engage more audience 

3. Article Rewriter

Being a writer is a challenging task as you have to come up with new and unique ideas every day. Rewriting is a great solution for it. Article tool is made to help writers lessen their burden. It is easier because you can take ideas from others’ work and use them in your content with a bit of alternating.  Article Rewriter is known for expressing data differently. This tool helps you to accomplish this task and generate unique content that is free of plagiarism. The tool works in such a way so that it does not affect the original meaning of the source content. The makes sure to alter the text efficiently to keep the originality of the text intact.  Features:  The tool has a few incredible features for its users.  
  • Unlimited rewriting
  • You can upload files to paraphrase text
  • Allows users to final check
  • Generates plagiarism free content

4. Plagiarism Checker 

Plagiarism checker tools are widely used throughout the world. It is a trusted tool and provides super-fast detection, convenient for all writers and website owners. It will help the website writers remove any duplicate content from their text to make it unique and reliable.  This way, the site will be filled with original content that will help it to get high ranked on search engines. The tool also has an App that you can download and use anywhere and anytime. 

5. Backlink Checker 

The backlink checker tools allow you to check and monitor backlinks for any domain. Along with your content, the backlinks are the most crucial factor that signifies how well your web pages will perform in the search engine.  Backlinks are very important and must be treated that way. Start with the idea of how your backlink profile looks like. Your backlinks will decide at what point your website is and where it will go. There are many tools to perform this task, and the best backlink checker is It will enable you to increase the traffic to your website, which in return will help your site to rank higher on the search engines.

6. Site speed checker

None of the site audience wants to go to a slow-speed website that doesn’t respond quickly and gets hanged. Some tools help you to analyse the speed of your website. These tools are designed to help you make your site faster by letting you know if your site is working slow or fast.  These are easy-to-use tools that can be used by anyone, either an expert or a beginner. Sitespeedbot is a free website checking tool freely available. You must use these tools that are available online for free to monitor the speed of your website to help it get better ranked on SEO pages.   

7. SERP’s Checker

You must require SERPs checker tools if you want your website to rank higher on search engines and want to get more organic traffic to your site. These tools are important to get an idea about which websites are ranked higher on the SEO pages for the keyword you targeted at.  Getting more leads to your website is equal to ranking higher on SEO pages. All kind of website owners needs to keep a check pf SERPs for their site. Serpple is a version, this rank checker tool is extremely beneficial. You must register in order to receive additional information about the tool that is provided for the SERP results.  

8. Keyword Planner 

The most important, first, and foremost thing that helps your website to rank higher on search engines and get a more related audience is using related keywords. There are tools generated for this purpose that help the website writers and owners to create and plan appropriate keywords for their site. These tools have made this task much easier and convenient for everyone.  No matter what kind of website you are running or what type of content you are posting, it is important to add properly planned keywords. Keyword planner tools are available online and can use them for free. These will save your time and generate keywords properly in a short time and effortlessly making it much easier for writers.   

9. Robot.Txt Generator 

These robot.txt generator tools help you to find out if your robot.txt file barriers Google web crawlers from particular URLs on your website. You can resign a URL to these tools and it will operate as a google bot to survey your robot.txt files and will ascertain that your website URL has been obstructed appropriately. Search engine crawler’s first look for the robot.txt files. 

10. Competitor Analysis 

These tools are good to monitor SEO for your website as these will let you know about your competitor’s websites. And these will also analyse all the data over the internet and let you know if there is any similar data to yours. Knowing well about your competitors will help you to get motivated and work even more challenging to get on that level and want you to make your website better so that it can get ranked on search engines more easily. 


Reviewing this article will help you to focus on the top ten most important and best SEO tools to audit and monitor your website in 2021. Using these tools can help you get more audience on your website and increase the chances of your website ranking higher on search engines. There are many tools available online for free to help website owners and writers to accomplish these tasks efficiently and precisely. 
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