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Top 6 Converters that Will Help You Remove Unwanted Pages from PDF

Top 6 Converters that Will Help You Remove Unwanted Pages from PDF
There are times where you come across PDF files with unnecessary and blank pages. With that, using the simplest and easiest free online PDF converter in removing pages may be necessary. Although it may look a little complex because of the PDF’s tamper-proof format, you can minimize the work by following the essential guides. On a side note, some PDF readers are not proficient enough in supplying editing functions. And to effectively remove several pages, you may want to use a converter that can both act as an editor and a reader. Therefore, check out these six converters that will significantly assist you in eliminating unwanted pages in PDF files. 


If you are in search of a free online PDF converter that can supply all of your various needs, GoGoPDF will come in handy. GogoPDF is a lightweight tool that does not require excessive memory storage or a program to install plugins. The tool has converting and editing functions and further lets you remove any PDF pages smoothly.  For you to utilize this converter, here are the essential steps to follow:
  • First, open the website and choose the PDF pages you want to delete on your files and upload them. After that, drop the file into the toolbox.
  • Second, when done uploading the file, select the pages you want to eliminate and save the changes you have made.
  • Lastly, download your modified file to your computer and open it to verify if the procedure is done correctly.
Furthermore, GoGoPDF is a fundamental tool that establishes a robust online experience as it offers a comprehensive range of tools. And that tool aids in accelerating the works of people who frequently handle massive files daily. May it be modifying text, editing, deleting pages, compressing large files, this tool’s scope is unending.

Nitro Pro

Nitro Pro is also a top-tier converter that you can use online. Nitro Pro enables the user to hurriedly remove single or multiple pages from within their PDF document. Using the Delete pages tool or through the Pages pane, you can easily pull out nonessential PDF pages.  Moreover, there are two steps to consider when eliminating pages through the Delete pages tool: 
  • Run through the Nitro Pro website. Go to the home tab, on the Pages group, press Delete. 
  • The next step will be on the Page Layout label. In the Pages group, select Delete. 


PDFelement is a tool that allows its user to edit files without converting them first. The program permits you to change the layout, graphics, and text of a particular PDF page. Aside from that, the OCR feature can also help to modify scanned PDF documents without difficulty. Further, this tool also enables you to include page numbering, watermarks, bookmarks, signatures, footers, permission, and password protection to maintain your organized and safe files.


PDF2Go is an online tool that provides a hassle-free approach without the need to install the software. The advantage of this web-based program is that it both operates on MAC OS and Windows. As a result, people will not only be capable of removing unwanted pages, but they can also do converting, merging, and editing.  To eliminate pages, you will only have to visit its website, upload your file, modify, and select “Save Changes.” The minor drawback of this tool is that the users must re-upload the PDF file each time they apply a particular function. 

PDF Shaper

PDF Shaper is a low-cost tool converter that serves as an online tool or a standalone application to download to your computer. The program also allows the user to merge and split PDFs, decrypt or encrypt them, modify them to an image, rotate pages, and other features. Below are some guides that will help in removing unnecessary pages using PDF Shaper:
  • Click Add and then select the PDF files you wish to modify.
  • Click on Delete Pages on the left sidebar or choose menu Action > Delete > Delete Pages.
  • Select options.
  • Click OK and indicate the destination path to save the modified document.

Cute PDF Editor

Cute PDF editor is a web-based tool with an intuitive, simple interface that sustains vital PDF revisions that compromise re-ordering and deleting pages. Using this editor, you will have to choose a file and click the button that says “Delete Pages” from the left sidebar. Doing that, encourages you to decide to delete a specific page range.  Additionally, you will have a more excellent selection to either remove the odd or even pages and all the pages in the range. After eliminating the pages, choose “Save” to keep the edited file on your desktop. You may also extract, rotate, and insert pages, or even merge numerous PDFs, among other customization. 


Possessing knowledge on leveraging your experiences in how to utilize converter tools properly is essential. Learn how to use the best set of PDF converters, protectors, and modifiers using the converters mentioned above and follow the required procedures.   Read Also:  3 Things That You Can Do With GoGoPDF Online Platform
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