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Compress For Compatibility: The Compress PDF Tool On GoGoPDF

Compress For Compatibility: The Compress PDF Tool On GoGoPDF
Most PDFs that scale up to large sizes aren’t compatible with essential tasks like attaching them to an email, printing, and even web uploads. With this, you need a PDF tool that allows you to compress and resize your PDF into the right size for compatibility. You can always use the Compress PDF tool on GoGoPDF. Compressing a PDF through GoGoPDF is an excellent alternative to resizing your PDF. You can resize your PDF into the ideal size meant for any processes or tasks without affecting its quality. Here are five more reasons why you can trust GoGoPDF in compressing PDF documents:

Fast Resizing

One thing that all of us want whenever we avail of any service is a quick process. The compress PDF process on GoGoPDF is swift and straightforward. You can compress any PDF document without problems or issues and focus on other things that you have to do. Resize your PDF quickly and conveniently through the GoGoPDF Compress PDF tool! GoGoPDF can compress any scanned PDF document down to a size as small as 144 dpi. Now that you’ve resized and compressed your PDF document, email attachments, and web uploads should be relatively easy! Printing the resized PDF should also be a straightforward process once you’ve compressed its file size!

High-Quality Output

The PDF Compressor on GoGoPDF provides an effective yet hassle-free alternative in resizing a PDF document. Compressing PDF documents through GoGoPDF will still enable you to get the PDF document’s maximum resolution. Everything from the layout and format of the original PDF file should still be the same. Quality and accuracy won’t be compromised, even if the file went through resizing and compression. Anyone using this compress PDF tool can assure themselves that this PDF compressor will not change any detail from the original PDF file. When you use this PDF Compressor from GoGoPDF, a consistent and high-quality output is always a guarantee. 

How To Compress PDF On GoGoPDF

GoGoPDF provides one of the most convenient ways to compress PDF documents. Without a doubt, you won’t break a sweat or encounter any difficulties and issues in manipulating this PDF tool. GoGoPDF already has a four-step process in resizing and compressing your PDF documents. All you need is to follow this four-step PDF compression, and you’d have a resized PDF in no time! One could say that resizing and compressing PDF documents through GoGoPDF is pretty effortless. You’d only have to select and upload the PDF document to the GoGoPDF tool. Then, this GoGoPDF PDF compressor will automatically compress and resize your PDF. Next, you will need to wait for the PDF compression to finish, and this will only take a few minutes. Once the PDF compression finishes, you can download and save the newly resized PDF to your computer or any device. You can also share the compressed PDF to your Google Drive, Dropbox, and even social media accounts!

Platform Browser Compatibility

You won’t have any problems accessing this PDF Compressor from the GoGoPDF portal from any platform. This PDF Compressor, and GoGoPDF overall, is 100% compatible and supports all operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux. All you need to access this PDF compressor is your web browser and subsequently open the GoGoPDF portal. GoGoPDF is also 100% supported on mobile operating systems. With this, you can take your PDF compression along with you anywhere you go. Access the GoGoPDF portal and this PDF compressor from Google Chrome, Firefox, or any other web browser.

Stored In The Cloud

Anyone can use and access this PDF compressor anytime they want. And they can do so from any device that they are currently using. The GoGoPDF site is generated on the Cloud space. Every process, task, and compression you’ll do will all be saved online and in the Cloud.  You won’t need any offline software installation, user registration, or any gimmicks to compress PDF. GoGoPDF provides this PDF compression tool straightforwardly and seamlessly. 

Privacy Policy

GoGoPDF is aware of its responsibility in protecting its users from any threat online. It is a fact that GoGoPDF is an online tool, and you’ll never know the threats that may come when using an online tool. So, it uses encryption to safeguard its users and their files from any entity with malicious intent. GoGoPDF also deletes everything from files, uploaded documents to newly-compressed files after an hour. With this, you should be able to effectively avoid any possibility of data breaches and even identity theft. You can read more of the GoGoPDF privacy policy on their platform.


GoGoPDF is an effective platform to compress and resize a PDF document. GoGoPDF can resize your PDF and make it compatible with any task or process that you have in mind. And it can cater to any PDF regardless of how big it is as long as it is within 1 GB. Compressing PDF through GoGoPDF won’t compromise any format, detail, or data from your original PDF document. Read Also :  PDF Compression Done Right: The PDF Compress Tool On PDFBear 3 Things That You Can Do With GoGoPDF Online Platform
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