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What to do with your old iPhone?

What to do with your old iPhone?
More than 36 million new iPhones get sold every year. In most cases, the former ends up lying somewhere in a box collecting dust. While buying a new iPhone, the thought must have crossed your mind that what should you do with the former one? This article will help finds useful ways to use the old iPhone. The steps are easy ways to save money.

Selling it

The phrase, in with the new out with the old, fits this situation. Let’s say, you’re getting the iPhone XS on sale or the SE 2020. Selling the old phone to finance the replacement of the new one is the best option. What it does is help reduce the cost of the new phone. For example, instead of paying $900, the amount you have to pay might fall to $500 after you sell your old device. Confused about how to follow through? The process is quite simple. There are a few options to go about it. The first step would be to erase the data and reset it. Selling the old phone to family and friends is also a very good option. However, the quickest way to sell it is by checking out local stores that deal with such services. There are numerous pawn stores that buy used devices so finding a store won’t be a problem. The most efficient option would be to sell the phone on an online platform. These online platforms would include Amazon, eBay, Swappa, or any other websites where you can sell your phone. It’s an excellent way to earn a couple of bucks and use it on something else. There’s a huge demand for used iPhones. It is not only beneficial for those who sell it but also for those purchasing it. There are a lot of people who have a tight budget and cannot afford a new phone, they look forward to buying used or refurbished ones.

Use it as a replacement for an iPod

From the original 2007 iPhone model to the latest, they have multiple uses. All they require is a wireless connection. As long as it does that, it opens a gate of opportunities to use it.  Everybody faces the problem of the phone’s battery draining while playing music. To put an end to it, convert your old iPhone into an iPod. All it needs is a connection to play music from apps like iTunes and Spotify. This is perfect for those phones that are too old and damaged to sell.

Use it as a spare camera

iPhone has the best cameras in the tech world. It is at the same level as those cameras used by professionals. For the next trip or a visit to the beach, use the old device as a camera. It is a better option, instead of using your current one and risking it getting spoiled by water. It is also perfect for those interested in photography and wants to keep professional and personal photos separate. iPhone 8, which got released in 2017 with 12 MP, still captures high-quality pictures to date. No matter how old the iPhone might be, the image will be on par.

Use it as a Hands-Free screen anywhere

In current times, most homes have either Google Home or Amazon Echo. Both of them are quite useful but expensive.  There is a way of getting this expensive and useful product without spending a penny. Apple devices are famous for their voice-activated feature called Siri. It works the same as Amazon’s Alexa, and it’s Apple’s voice-activated hands-free helper. It can set alarms, search for recipes or check the weather, etc. Make sure the “Hey Siri” function is on by checking the iPhone’s setting.

It is the perfect storing device

There are numerous cases where people run out of storage space in their current devices. What is better than using the old iPhone as a USB Drive? Plus, it is portable. It is the go-to option for those who need a lot of storage space and has a spare device lying around. If there are no plans for selling the old phone, this is a great way to use it.

Make it a permanent navigational device

It is quite familiar to see people hook their phones on cars and bikes to use it for navigation. However, removing and putting back the phone every time is a nuisance. Instead, use your former device and leave it permanently in the car, bike, or any transport.

Use it for entertainment purpose for the kids

The current situation caused by Covid-19 has left the kids at home 24×7. Keeping them entertained can be a tough job. In such a case, turn the former phone into a kid’s best friend. Download games, movies, or cartoons and keep them occupied and entertained. To make it kid-friendly, go to settings and tap on the General button to choose and set restrictions. Just because the phone is outdated does not mean it’s of no use.

Summing it up!

You’ve numerous options on what to do with your previous phone. It can serve as an iPod, storage device, or for navigation purposes, etc. However, the best option for you is to sell it. It allows people with tight budgets to own an Apple phone. Plus, it helps protect the world by not filling up the landfills. It’s a quick way to earn money and invest it in something else. Do not let it sit and gather dust when it can do something good for you and the world. Read Also:  Which Strategies Are Profitable For Small Scale Business Guide On The Features And Functions Of Apple Arcade
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