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How to use an Instagram Bot to prevent Flagging

Instagram accounts that have engaging content and the right automation targeting can produce excellent activities and interactions. These can be perceived to be organic and they can generate genuine profile visits. Because of this, you can have peace of mind knowing that Instagram may not block or delete your account.  However, an Instagram account with irrelevant content and is poorly automated can interact with people who will consider it fake or spammy. This article discusses how you can use an Instagram bot to prevent flagging.

An Instagram bot

An Instagram bot which is also popularly called a growth service can automate your Instagram account’s interactions. This means it can automate likes, follows, comments, and others so you can appear on many more users’ activity feeds.  This can increase the number of times your username appears which can grow your profile visits, website clicks, and followers. Social Meep has proven that it’s a unique Instagram bot that brings quick results. An Instagram account that has excellent content and the right automation targets can generate interactions that can be seen to be authentic, organic, and can turn into more profile visits, so Instagram cannot flag them. On the other hand, an Instagram account that has irrelevant content with badly automated targets can interact with people who may find the activity to be fake, inorganic, and consider it as spambots. Many people confirm that such automated interactions leave you with an unpleasant user experience. Therefore, it’s not surprising that Instagram tends to close down these badly automated Instagram bots to reduce inauthentic activities on its platform. Simply put, Instagram can block or delete accounts that they perceive to be spammy and those that they buy likes, followers, and comments. 

How you can prevent your account from being flagged

Instagram takes it seriously when they suspect your account to be spammy, so they can close or even delete it. Before they take any action, they may send you a push notification alerting you that they are removing inauthentic follows or likes they think were generated by a third-party app. The push notification is there to let you know that your account information is not safe because you shared it with a third party.  This notification is to encourage you to change passwords to enable them to disconnect the third party services. Therefore, the third-party services cannot continue with their interaction automation and not because any information is compromised.  Remember that this push notification also informs you that you are using another service that allows you to get followers and likes. In this case, blocking your account is because you’re using an automation service that is not deemed to be safe or your automated likes are considered to be spammy. If this happens, you don’t need to worry because there is a good solution to it. All you need to do is to stop interacting and change your automation service provider or you can program your interactions at a slower speed rate. You will see that the block will go away in the specified time as indicated in the notification and you will continue interacting with your followers and customers. Because there is always a risk of receiving these notifications once you start using automated interactions, it’s a good idea to be safe. Therefore, make sure that you use the safest and professional service on the market. Also Read: 

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