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Why teaching marketing in universities is essential these days

Why teaching marketing in universities is essential these days
It is believed that there will be no countries soon – only brands and the largest corporations will rule the world. Indeed, a strong, recognizable brand is a great power in entrepreneurs’ hands. It provides good revenues and universal recognition. Therefore, all universities striving to educate successful business persons should provide marketing degrees, teach young people to determine the needs and desires of a target audience, attract attention to their ideas, products, and services. The experts from Pro-Papers are ready to present the main advantages learners will receive if studying marketing majors. Employment opportunities If a prestigious company wants to hire a marketer, it is very likely to look for a certified specialist. Without a degree, a person can receive only a low-paid position in a small firm. Although such organizations usually have a narrow product line and do not hire full-time marketers. It is much more convenient for them to cooperate with outsourcing companies. Therefore, if a person has big career ambitions and wants to achieve professional success, higher education is a must. Combining courses Not only future marketers can take advantage of this discipline. It is not easy to occupy a leadership position in any area due to tough competition, and only companies able to promote their products efficiently have a chance to succeed. Each novice entrepreneur should know how to develop marketing strategies to ensure a quick start for one’s project. Therefore, studying marketing will be useful in the context of any major. For example, a medical student needs it to open a network of clinics or sell medications under a personal brand. A programmer should study marketing for managing an IT company, a nutrition specialist – for distributing healthy food in supermarkets. Lawyers, psychologists, tutors, brokers, and other experts providing consulting services also should know how to expand a clientele. That is why universities should introduce marketing into the curriculum even if this subject is not related to their basic specialization. It is not enough to teach students to create quality products. They also should be taught to inform potential buyers about their brands. Marketing education is open-ended and can be combined harmoniously with any academic direction. Young people can tailor their careers in accordance with individual goals and preferences. Diverse career choice There are many types of marketing specialists, that is why everyone can find a position to one’s liking. This area is suitable for both introverts preferring to collect and analyze data on consumer behavior and extraverts who are fond of communicating with other people, holding business meetings, negotiating on profitable sales contracts. Therefore, each person can decide whether one wants to engage in networking and building business relationships or sit in front of a computer screen and perform calm, routine analytic work, handle large data volumes and discover interesting trends. Demand for marketers The market economy cannot exist without competition. That is why companies always need specialists able to advertise their products. This is especially true for the informatization era which started several decades ago with the advent of the Internet. Not the most qualitative but the most recognizable brands often occupy leadership positions, so a marketer is a very important person in each organization. Nobody will know about the product’s advantages if they will not be transmitted to consumers through well-chosen channels. A business machine will inevitably stop without good media support. Therefore, a marketing degree received in a prestigious university will never let a talented, hard-working specialist stay unemployed. Decent salary level If showing good results at a workplace, marketers can have a rather high income. Even the starting salary is quite attractive. That is why many young people start working when studying to pay their student debts. Even though it is difficult to cope with both labor and educational responsibilities, and young specialists often seek a paper writing service  to submit all academic assignments on time, most of them are satisfied with such lifestyle, relish all benefits which marketing job may bestow, make confident career steps and show rapid professional progress. Over time, their salary grows, and these people stand firmly on their feet by the moment of graduation. Understanding customers A person may be a great baker. But nobody will buy one’s pastry if one does not know what people like to eat. That is why customer wishes should be the main priority when promoting any product. It is even not enough to know what people want to purchase. A good marketer understands what they dream about and uses these dreams to tailor an efficient advertisement. Market giants do not sell food, clothes, gadgets, cars, etc. They sell pleasure, adrenaline, self-confidence, harmony, love, and other positive feelings that are skillfully linked with tangible, mundane things used in everyday life. As a result, brands acquire a sublime meaning and turn into an embodiment of happiness. Creating unique brands Competition is tough in any market today. Companies should have original packing for their products to stand out on the background of competitors. While studying marketing majors, students learn to use their creative talents in the most productive way, receive tools and skills for assessing brand equity and tailoring the company’s ideology in accordance with consumers’ demand. Popular brands usually set high prices and earn extra profits, dictate what is popular in their area. That is why it is very important for every CEO, a company head, or a startup to know how to promote a brand and choose the right advertising direction for one’s venture. Immersing in a profession Academic life means not only boring lectures, heavy backpacks, and tedious homework. Educational institutions often organize professional events for their students. Prominent business persons hold lectures and share their experiences on campus. University administration agrees on internships in partner companies to let learners receive an immersive experience that can be supplemented with theoretical knowledge. Investors attend student conferences and look for promising young startupers whose projects may be sponsored. Learners can promote their ideas and receive support from experienced business persons, make the first professional steps under their patronage, and hone skills formed in lecture halls. Therefore, it is possible to enter the industry very quickly, see it from within and learn from the best experts. Of course, there are many electronic textbooks and video lectures on the Internet, which makes marketing theories and methods more accessible than ever. But it is still difficult to make the first steps alone, without professors’ guidance and advice. If studying marketing all alone, a person should increase one’s qualifications by trial and error, make mistakes, spend precious time and money. Universities help young entrepreneurs to make everything correctly on the first try.
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