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Why you need a web design for your website?

Why you need a web design for your website?
Why you need a web design for your website?Why you need a web design for your website?Web design and web development are key parts of a web page’s functioning. You’ll need both to create and maintain the structure of your site’s pages but most people don’t know which to choose. It’s even more common among people who aren’t familiar with the technical side of things, but web design & web development are two different things.  web design


Web design involves shaping the aesthetics of a site, it structures the visual layout of a site and improves its user experience.  Web designers use tools like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketch to fix the visual side of things and tracking tools like Google Analytics to handle the user experience of things.  I’m sure you’re thinking, how then are they different from graphic designers since they use similar tools, well here’s the thing, graphic design is based on paper printing. If you need a flyer, a business card or an infographic for your site, graphic design handles that, but if you’re trying to optimize your brand colors for better conversions, you go with web design or can choose website-pricing options. Another thing that separates both is web design needs some knowledge of coding while the best graphic design will require no coding at all.  You’ll need JavaScript, Flash, and CSS to make some elements on your site visually appealing and implement some UI design.  User experience (UX) design and User interface (UI) design are two fields in web design.  A UX designer keeps people on your site and reduces your bounce rate because they make surfing your site enjoyable. A UI designer optimizes interaction on your site, so they handle your call-to-action buttons, your sign up forms and your pop-ups.  Also Read: 4 Psychological Tips To Master A Great UX Design


Web development involves building the web designer’s concept. A web developer builds a website to run a blog, a social media app, a forum or software.  Web developers use tools like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, SQL, C#, PHP, Python and a host of other tools.  Just like web designers, there are different types of web developers, you can hire a front-end, back-end or full-stack developer, it just depends on what you want.  Front-end work is also called client-side development. That’s because it’s a bit related to web design and developers in this category use tools like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.  Back-end developers handle the site’s core structure. Users won’t be able to appreciate the result of their work because it has less to do with the result that appears on the browser and more to do with the site’s databases.  A full-stack developer can handle the front-end and the back-end, it takes a lot of time to learn this so most start as front or back-end developers. 


There are different projects you’ll need a designer or a developer when working on your website, sometimes, a company like this one that offers website design in Coimbatore will be necessary. When is it a designer and when is it a developer, here are some common jobs and the type of help you’ll need:

Amazon MUsic That’s the Amazon homepage for today, the search bar is central and appears at the top, if the search bar is to be moved to the bottom of the homepage, a web designer will handle that.  If Amazon needs to change its background color or the color of the search icon a web designer will handle that but if the homepage loads and redirects to a product page instead, it’s a web developer’s job to fix.

contact form If your website runs on content management systems like WordPress, you won’t need to build your contact form as many plugins help you do the job but if you need to build a custom plugin, you’ll need a web developer. Contact forms are usually hosted on specific pages – the contact page, but if you need a sticky contact form that moves up or down as the user scrolls, a web designer can handle that. 
When you need a mobile app for your website or online store, a web developer will handle that. Most apps involve different programming languages and for some like iPhone apps, you’ll need an iPhone software engineer. If you run a SaaS company, you’ll still need a developer to build the core of your software, a web designer can handle the UX and UI aspects of your tool. 

Site branding has a lot to do with creating a site with visual appeal. Colors, visual hierarchy, and the use of white spaces have more to do with a web designer’s job description than with a developer.  Sometimes, you may need to code certain elements into your webpage like branded tables that fit your website. Most web designers should be able to handle basic problems as they work with front-end tools also but anything to do with advanced code will have to be handled by a developer.

Creating a mobile-friendly site involves two things, checking if the site is mobile-friendly and working on suggestions to correct things if it isn’t. Take the Google mobile-friendly test for your site to confirm if your site meets the requirements.  Even if it is, there’ll always be a few issues you’ll need to resolve. Some of them will be things you can do on your own, while others will require the services of a designer or developer. Start with your code. If you have bulky code on your site that’s making it run slowly, deleting it all could get something broken on your site, so you’ll need a developer to minify the code while keeping your site functional. If you have images that aren’t loading up properly on your pages or are too large, a web designer can bulk-optimize them.  Finally, if you want to change the call-to-action (CTA) on your page and you think flashy buttons will help, a designer can handle that.


Devigners, short for developer and designer, combines the skills of web design and web development to provide a complete package for the end-user.  They’re the perfect fit when you can’t exactly point out what’s wrong with your site and what you’ll want fixed but want a design and development professional to take a look. 


It can be difficult deciding on whether you need a web design or web development service for your business but you can use the tips in this post to help you with that.
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