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10 Emojis For Better Communication

Negative emotions are incredibly reasonable to feel. It is what humans were born to have. All feelings are valid and without purpose. We live in a digital world where technology is a universally accepted form of communication. Dealing with difficult emotions can be managed with the insertion of emoticons in relaying messages.   Non-verbal communication is easy to misinterpret. It is crucial to use emoticons to express a person’s emotions better. Each person has the freedom to choose how they want to make use of such helpful tools. Choosing the right emoji for every feeling you want to tell can be confusing, so we prepared this guide for you. Mix up your conversation with the help of funny and witty emoticons. They can surely make the receiver’s day better. 

Angry Face Emoji

Anger is entirely a normal human emotion. When words are hard to express, the mad emoji will do the talking for you. The sender lets the receiver know that they are frustrated about something. Just by the name of the emoji itself says it all. You can use this emoji to let people know that you are not feeling good, and all you need is a break and relax. 

Face With Rolling Eyes Emoji

The face with rolling eyes emoji is a playful form of mockery. When you feel annoyed and helpless, this emoticon is perfect for it. The humor for emoticons is endless. It can either help lighten the mood of the conversation or cause further problems. Just make sure to use the right emojis wisely and effectively. 

Flushed Face Emoji

A flushed face emoji is for situations in which you are not comfortable discussing. If you do not like the conversation or you feel uninterested and awkward, this emoji is with the perfect one. Sometimes we need to let people know that we have boundaries and that they should not overstep and make us feel uncomfortable. 

Broken Heart Emoji

When finding the right words is impossible to express how sorry you are; the broken heart emoji is the right for it. Sometimes we can’t help be mad or feel broken. This emoji will help your loved ones know that you need comfort. The broken heart emoticon can also mean that you are missing the person badly.

Person Shrugging Emoji

A shrug gesture represents a situation where you feel helpless. Send this emoji if you feel unsure and do not have the right answer to specific questions. Sending this simple emoji is a cute way of saying that you are having doubts or dismissing something important. This emoticon also means that you might be indifferent or ignorant about something. 

Pensive Face Emoji

They say there are no second chances in life, except to feel remorse. A pensive face emoticon indicates a remorseful face. Receiving an emoji like this would make the receiver know that you are sad and are considering where things all went wrong. It is essential to reflect and contemplate on our decisions and do good next time.

Thumbs Down Emoji

The name says it all. This hand gesture represents disapproval. It is a symbol of disliking something, and you don’t approve of it. This emoji can also serve as a decline to an offer. Everyone fails at something, but it does not mean we should quit and try to be better.

Face Screaming in Fear Emoji

They say screaming is terrible for the vocal cords but is good for the heart. This emoticon is for expressing extreme emotion and pain. Sometimes it is good to yell and release our worries and frustrations, virtually, of course. This emoji can be a positive interpretation of excitement and great emotion as well.

Clown Face Emoji

The clown emoticon represents a metaphor for a fool or silliness. It is perfect when the conversation starts to get funny. It is for trolling someone since we all need a little laugh and positive vibes sometimes. Sarcasm is the best remedy for dealing with uncontrollable events and taking problems on a lighter note. 

Upside-down Face Emoji

This emoticon has several meanings. If the context of the conversation conveys goofiness, it will let the receiver know that you tolerate the humor on the next level. It all goes down to the personality and interpretation of the sender. This emoji can mean passive aggression or frustration. It is okay not to take life too seriously now and then, and being funny takes an absolute strength.

Make your messages better with emojis

We are fortunate to have readily available emojis in the palm of our hands. We cannot control everything in life, but we can manage to surrender our negative feelings and keep moving forward. Emojis make non-verbal communication understandable and relatable. No matter what you are going through, a simple emoji can change that frown to a smile.
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