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5 Reasons Why Two Million Publishers around the World are Seeing Success with Google Adsense

5 Reasons Why Two Million Publishers around the World are Seeing Success with Google Adsense
As revealed by Google, almost two million publishers around the world are not only using but seeing success with Google Adsense and two million publishers can’t be wrong. In this era when advertisers & marketers are always in hunt of any forum available for reaching out to new prospective clients, Google Adsense is playing a crucial role among all other platforms. In fact at times it is said that there will be no other way of monetizing content other than Google Adsense. But what are the reasons that make Google Adsense so lucrative. Let’s have a look to these top 5 reasons why two million publishers around the world are seeing Success with Google Adsense:

Reason#1: Easy Access to Advertisers

Advertisers can access the vast advertiser pool of Google without having to maintain individual relationships. And! The more are the advertisers, the better it is for the website owner, for there will be more competition for their ad spaces including and more relevant ads for them as well as high quality ads for all their online content. The ads before appearing to the websites are reviewed by real people and clever machines and the entire process works on a variety of factors, including the quality of the ad and target audiences.

Reason#2: Strong targeting

Through the innovative targeting options offered by Google AdSense, advertisers can reach their desired audiences on your site very precisely. So, this is how, you as the website owner can generate more revenue as well as create a better experience for your users. The website owners can target the ads on the basis of the content of their site or the interests of their website potential visitors.

Reason#3: Flexibility in the ad controls

Google Adsense not just help you generate more & more revenue but also helps you in protecting the value of your brand while ensuring your users to have a positive experience at the same time by choosing how ads are displayed on your site. It allows you to block the ads that you don’t want to appear as well as manage how your ads are displayed by picking the ad formats you’d like to accept. Moreover, the money making platform also allows you to tailor the look and feel of your ads to match your site.

Reason#4: The Reporting tools

The interface that Google AdSense has bestowed you with presents you extensive data helping you understand how your ads are performing. Your performance is shown by their graphical reporting system against various metrics that can be used for increasing the money you make with AdSense.

Reason#5: Mobile interface

The best part is, now in the era of multi-screen devices, Google AdSense presents you with a dedicated interface optimized specially for mobile devices that gives you a quick access to your account. Checking your earnings, getting important alerts as well as viewing the reports is made easy with the help of this feature and need not requires you to have Flash on your phone.

How Google Adsense works?

Making the ad spaces available You need to make ad spaces available on your website by pasting ad code on it and choosing where you want the ads to appear. Ads appear on your site based on the bidding Advertisers bid for showing their ads you’re the meant spaces on your site in a real-time auction and the highest paying ad gets displayed on your site. Getting paid The process of billing all advertisers & networks for the ads on your site is handled by the Google Adsense team for ensuring the payment is received by you.

How to get started with Google Adsense: The AdSense sign up process

Creating a Google Account You need to create a Google account however if you use the Google services like Gmail or AdWords, you already have one. Creating content for monetizing In order to display Google Adsense ads, you need to have a website or other online content complying with Google Adsense program policies. Managing a postal address for receiving the payments You need to have a mailing address associated with your bank account in order to receive payments. You also need to be aware of the fact that without a postal address you won’t be able to sign up for Google Adsense.


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