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6 Proven Website Optimization Tactics To Boost Conversions

6 Proven Website Optimization Tactics To Boost Conversions
The traffic coming to your website is almost useless if it’s doesn’t convert. Your website is your first impression, and an essential component to turn your visitors into your loyal customers. If you really want to increase the conversion, then you have to pay attention to your website first. You know, a lot of brands have improved their website just a little bit, and their conversion ratio became double. Therefore, here we’ll outline 6 proven website optimization tactics to boost your conversions and encourage your visitors to take action.

1# Optimize Your CTAs to Expand Conversions

Optimizing CTA is one of the simplest ways to turn your visitors into valuable customers. The primary thing you need to do is not to include general words in your CTAs. Your visitors are less likely to get convert if your CTAs directly says “Buy Now”. Whereas benefit-driven CTAs such as “free trial” or “Grow your traffic today“, likely to get more CTA clicks as compared to the direct ones. Your CTA Color should be different from the rest of your webpage. Similarly, your CTA should set apart from the content on your page.  

2# Change Your Font

According to a report by the Software Usability and Research Laboratory, the most readable fonts are Sans-serif. You know bigger is always better! Consequently, your font size should be bigger for better readability. For example, a brand called Click Laboratory amplified their font size from 10pt Arial to 13pt and added a little spacing between every line. This reduced their bounce rate and amplified their conversion rate by 133%. Note: Think about your audience before choosing any font for your website.  

3# Improve Page Load Performance

Have a webpage that load quickly not only helps in SEO but also beneficial from a UX viewpoint — especially for mobile users. Google offers a free tool to test your mobile speed: Once visitors are on your site, having all pages load speedily will support & maintain constant engagement. According to a recent study by KISSmetrics, 1 second of delay in page load results in a 7% drop in conversions. That is why we always recommend using a fast web hosting provider that ensures the best speed in the market. Note: you will definitely need a developer to aid you to execute page load speed experiments as they consistently require code changes.

4# Offer Multiple Contact Mediums

Offering a contact form is good, but you should also provide additional ways to reach you. Promote your phone number. Add call details on all pages in the header section of your website so that anybody wanting to call you can do so straight away. Remember to add your email details. You can also offer live chat or a feature like ‘book an appointment ‘options to provide convenience to your visitors. Note: Maintain a track on the mediums through which users are connecting with you mostly.

5# Consider F-Layout

In a recent study, we have found that a reader usually read the screen in an “F” pattern. Here is an example that shows where reader’s eyes usually land on a webpage:   Image via Envato And the pattern is similar to the letter F. Here is a frame with lines showing the pattern. Clearly proved from the above-mentioned example, a reader first looks from left to right at the top of the screen. After that, they check the page downwards. The portion of a webpage that gets the least amount of visibility is the bottom or footer. So what does this indicate for enhancing your conversions? Well, you can take benefit by placing the most crucial stuff and CTAs alongside the F-shape lines, and objects with less importance in lower visibility areas. For example, you can put your major call to action at the top of your webpage towards the left-hand side since that is where the reader will look first.  

6# Include Testimonials Reviews

Building trust & reliability is very important. It is one of the major factors that boost conversion. But wait… What you can do to earn that trust, especially with new users. Include customer reviews or testimonials on your website. Users mostly trust the brands which lots of third-party reviews. If you have positive reviews and testimonials from your clients, then show them to your readers through your website. This will help you to win the reliance of your readers and they will trust more on you as compared to other brands.

What Are You Waiting For?

These minute website optimization tactics will make choosing and buying products as easy as possible for your clientele. Many of them require no coding. Try these tactics and if you have any secret tactics then share it with the comment.
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