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Digital Marketing Weekly Wrap – 25th to 29th June

Digital Marketing Weekly Wrap – 25th to 29th June
Cheers to the Freakin’ Weekend! Here is the recap of all the happening is online marketing industry including digital marketing news, interviews and much more. Have a look!

1- Digital Marketing News:

Facebook Is Now Allowing Ads To Promote Cryptocurrency And Related Products.

After banning promotions around binary options, initial coin offerings and cryptocurrency in January; Facebook is now allowing ads promoting cryptocurrency and related products, reversing a decision to prohibit such ads. Read more

Google India Commences Telugu Language Support For Google AdWords And AdSense.

Google India on Wednesday launched Telugu language support for two advertising products, Google AdWords and Google AdSense, which it expects to facilitate Telugu web publishers and advertisers reach out to a large base of Internet users in the language. Read more

Google Rebrands Its Advertising Products, Google AdWords Is Becoming Google Ads.

Google keeps on taking comprehensive measures to improve the advertising platform and streamline its offerings. Just after declaring that Google will provide Telugu language support for Google AdWords & AdSense, Google is rebranding its ads line up and introducing some new solutions to simplify its advertising offerings. Starting from July 24, 2018, Google AdWords will become Google Ads which will represent the full range of campaign types including Search, Display, and Video. Read more

2- Guest Blog: SEO World


What Future Has In Its Store For SEO?

The world of SEO is growing at a lightning speed. The process of search engine optimization started with mere keyword insertion. Today, SEO is used as an umbrella term to cover every process involved in SERP ranking. Read out more to know What Future Has In Its Store For SEO? Read more

3- DigiTalks by Digiperform


It’s Not Just The Numbers, It’s About Communication – Sayanti Banerjee

Sayanti Banerjee is a Lifestyle Blogger cum Youtuber who writes about Lifestyle, Travel, Fashion, Fitness, Wellness, and Beauty. She is also hosting a TV Show at TATA Sky about lifestyle & fitness programs; and write film videos exploring these dynamic domains. She has interacted with many celebrities as well as designer, make-up artists, hair stylists and collaborated for many shoots and styling projects. In DigiTalks, she shared how she started her blogging career and how she managed to make most of it.   Read more

4- Website Optimization Tactics


6 Proven Website Optimization Tactics To Boost Conversions

The traffic coming to your website is almost useless if it’s doesn’t convert. Your website is your first impression, and an essential component to turn your visitors into your loyal customers. If you really want to increase the conversion, then you have to pay attention to your website first. You know, a lot of brands have improved their website just a little bit, and their conversion ratio became double. And here we’ll outline 6 proven website optimization tactics to boost your conversions and encourage your visitors to take action. Read more We hope this makes your day more positive and productive. Stay Tuned!
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