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8 Top Trends for Mobile Marketing

8 Top Trends for Mobile Marketing
Humans are connected to their phones more than ever. You walk past a group of people and you see them constantly using their phones. In fact, it is safe to say that mobile phones have managed to become an integral part of our lives. So, with an increase in the usage of smartphones, it becomes more important for marketers to utilize this channel.  Think about it, emails are read on the phone, information is searched via mobile devices, people use several apps to meet their requirements. This means it is no longer a technology that is only used for bridging the gap between two individuals. The impact is far-reaching and billions of people use it on a regular basis. Be it for online transactions or to help a business achieve success. Without further ado, let us dive right into top trends for mobile marketing and see how they can help a business succeed. 

8 Top Trends for Mobile Marketing

Improved target marketing

Mobile marketing can help businesses better target their audiences. And we are not just talking about targeting a large no of. audiences but also individuals.  So, how do you approach your target audiences? The answer to this question may vary but the best way to personalize your approach is through native advertisements. For instance, sites like Facebook and CNN use mobile app marketing techniques to create an enhanced user experience In addition to this, going native also gives users a more meaningful and personalized experience – thanks to the location technology and user’s mobile history. Using both these you can target individuals with relative mobile apps and sites.  Instead, using mobile phone marketing to reach specific individuals also means that those people are more likely to download an app or visit a specific website. Not only this but this way a specific company will also get a chance to earn potential customers and add revenue to their business. 

Customer-focused mobile app

There are thousands of mobile apps out there and an average smartphone user downloads near about 20-40 apps on their phones. However, it has to be kept in mind that people don’t use those apps regularly. And the bad news is that people will open those apps maybe once or twice. This brings me to the next thing I am going to talk about at this point- mobile app burnout.  Basically, it is very common for people to download an app and then not use it because they use the app that best meets their requirements. As a result, this leads to mobile app burnout. With this happening around us, it becomes more vital for companies to focus on building an app that is useful and connects immediately with the target audience.  For instance, let us take a look at the app built by Starbucks. Using this app, people can easily track their purchases, and pay for the order through their smartphones. Not only this, but this app consists of customer rewards, and with every purchase they can redeem various rewards. After all, what could be better than a loyalty program like this where you can easily get coffee and a chance at free stuff which I am sure no one wants to miss out on.  So, make sure you build an app for the customer and increase user experience by creating a loyalty program like the one mentioned above.

Social Media 

Social media is the biggest marketing giant and social penetration across the globe is increasing day by day. People use social media apps on their smartphones with Facebook being the most accessed app. So, why should a marketer stay away from such a great platform? After all, it is one of the most convenient and easy ways to stay in touch with your potential customers. About two-thirds of internet users access their social media tools or apps from mobile devices.  This also means that companies struggling to reach a wide no of audiences or improving their brand image can build a marketing strategy that revolves around social media apps. For example, building a social media campaign for Facebook ads. Facebook allows businesses to promote their business in a more personalized way. Even you can use these social media platforms to advertise your business. 

Video marketing 

Let’s face it, people prefer watching a video over reading a lengthy blog. And as far as mobile users are concerned, according to a report, 40% of the YouTube views are through a smartphone. This clearly states that mobile users engage in video content more than written content. In fact, videos are a great way to connect with customers. You can share information most creatively and add value to the content you are providing.  Now, that you know major video traffic comes from mobile phones. Here’s what you can do. First and foremost, you have to keep the videos short and create engaging content. Second, make sure that all your videos are optimized for different smartphones. Third, check the quality of the video on different mobile devices, and don’t forget to test the audio. 

Visual and voice search

If you are not serious about both visual and voice searches, 2020 is the right time to pay attention to the evolving ways of searching. With voice searches like Alexa and Siri people can access anything they want.  Not only can this but your customers also initiate a search by just pointing the camera towards a specific object – thanks to Google lens. With this image recognition technology introduced by Google, people can search for relevant information easily. So, make sure you are optimizing your marketing strategies for both voice and visual searches 

Google search results with mobile apps 

Google started displaying search results along with mobile apps. It all started a couple of years ago and is still very much prevalent. For instance, you searched for ‘hotels in San Francisco’, Google will show you several search engine results along with a tab that says download on the app store. As soon as you click on that option, Google will show you a variety of apps on your screen.  Now, if you as a business owner have an app concerning the same service, it is quite likely that the potential customer will download the app. However, if you don’t have an app, you should definitely consider making an app because this way you will have more chances of improving your brand image.  Additionally, businesses are also allowed to advertise their app right inside their sponsored list. This also means that you have a chance of advertising your app in the section that says ‘related apps’. 

Augmented Reality

Do you remember the game Pokemon Go? If yes, you have already been introduced to the world of augmented reality. Basically, augmented reality or AR works by overlaying virtual objects over a real environment. On the other hand, this technology uses the camera of a mobile phone to make the same happen.  So, it is fair to say that this technology also uses a mobile phone to reach a variety of customers. In fact, with the help of augmented reality, you can build virtual product display rooms and virtual fitting rooms for your customers. In a way, it is also a good option for people who are in e-commerce businesses because this way they will be able to provide the best services. Although it might take a while for you to set up the entire process, once you do it, It will all be worth it. 

Evolving payment systems 

As technology is advancing so is the face of the marketing world. People have so many payments making options these days. From Google Pay to PayPal, people trust all these payment options and it is your duty as a business owner to understand that you have to optimize accordingly.  You see even Samsung has a payment platform that can be used anywhere and at any moment. Not only are these but services like PayPal now accepted widely. Walmart accepts payment through PayPal and Google Pay is accepted by a variety of businesses.  So, no matter what you cannot ignore the various payment options people choose to pay with. Who knows you might come across a new payment method in the near future that people trust and like making payments with. Turns out, as a marketer you have to keep all the minute details in mind and then design a strategy around it. 

Final Thoughts

Mobile marketing will play a huge role in the lives of people and businesses. You cannot ignore the power of mobile phones and you must incorporate mobile marketing strategies in your business model. So, make sure you ready your brand for innovative solutions and you shake hands with the ever-evolving technologies.  And this is just one side of the story because several businesses are already using the platform of smartphones to produce powerful solutions. This also means that in the near future customer engagement with mobile devices will play a huge role in deciding what your next marketing strategy will be.  So, understand the vitality of marketing strategy and take advantage of marketing companies like Abbotsford Marketing that use innovation along with brand new mobile marketing strategies to help businesses build a brand. 
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