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9 Technical SEO Tips to Boost the Organic Traffic of the Website

9 Technical SEO Tips to Boost the Organic Traffic of the Website
If you want better traffic on your website, then you’ll need to have a basic understanding of SEO Marketing and use the technical expertise of the best SEO practices. Yes, there are several practices you can do to improve SEO. Providing good content, using video, and selecting keywords are important; but, there is also a very technical side to SEO.  This is when the SEO experts come into play. There are some things you won’t be able to do on your own. However, this guide will get you started on a few that you can try to tackle. At the very least, these tips will help you have an overall better understanding of the technical side of SEO by the end. 

1- HTTP Versus HTTPS:

When searching, it is not uncommon to come across alerts warning of non-private connections. Why does this happen though?  It has to do with HTTPS. This is a web protocol that replaced the old format that was HTTP. Google will often warn a user if the website they are about to visit is not HTTPS compliant. This has two major consequences.  First, it will deter users from proceeding to your website. There is a chance they could still proceed past the warning, but very unlikely.  Second, when your website doesn’t use encrypted connections, Google automatically decreases your search engine ranking. Getting HTTPS should be your first step in the process of technical SEO. The move to HTTPS can be difficult and requires some time. It’s best to get started as soon as possible and avoid any hits to your daily traffic.  

2- Use AMP Mobile:

Providing an excellent mobile experience is an important SEO practice. The AMP program is designed to help translate a desktop website into a mobile platform as seamlessly as possible. It uses three critical techniques to do so. First, it optimizes HTML tags allowing for better rendering of common web patterns.  Second, it uses AMP JS. This software acts as a library that focuses on resource loading. It also implements better techniques for quicker rendering.  Finally, AMP cache is the fastest way to load content and perform at the fastest speeds. Implementing AMP is a great way to start boosting SEO and give your mobile sites the best performance. 

3- Crawl Software:

You need search engines to find your best pages, and you want them to crawl through them to gain exposure. Well, you can actually invest in your own crawlers. The reason they can be so useful is that they can provide a full diagnosis of your website’s SEO. They will tell you information about everything that needs improvement. Critical aspects like broken URLs, bad headings, weak descriptions or metadata, and any duplicate content. You can get great tips on how to restructure your website’s content. Plus, you’ll get a report on whether Google has taken a look at your site yet. A lot of big companies are starting to use these tools. Check them out too, and get a better SEO experience. 

4- Effective Markups:

Semantic markups are like HTML tags that tell Google what it’s looking at. They help search engines determine the importance of content without having to crawl through the whole page first. The trick is to create a good subheading structure. The main text should be wrapped in an indicator that it is the page title. When Google sees the title, it should tell it what the rest of the content is going to be about. You can properly label subheadings, and further subheadings to help guide the content. Think of it like this. The title and subheadings should establish the who, what, when, and whys. This way the search engine knows exactly what to recommend to users. 

5- Redirect URLs:

404 errors are the worst. If you have any lingering “page not found” mistakes, get rid of them immediately. For the user they end the website experience. There is nowhere else to go after a 404 error.  What you need to do is go in and check your backlinks. Any backlinks leading to an error page need to be fixed. What you can do is redirect those URLs from the broken pages to your latest content. This is a lot like cleaning up the junk around an office. After some time, it just starts to build up. Be ready to spend some time cleaning up the dead links every now and then. 

6- Yoast SEO:

This amazing plugin helps you identify what search engines see when they visit your page. It puts together a combination of URL and metadata descriptions to evaluate. Plus, it will let you know if the right keywords are being used. All of these factors can be edited through the Yoast software too. It’s a great way to start getting involved in the deeper aspects of SEO 

7- HTML Tables:

Users want direct answers to their questions. Google also loves providing direct information. If you have the right info, build it into a working HTML table. Google will recognize the data in the table quickly, and place it at the top of the search results. Think about what kind of data users are searching for to take advantage of this. 

8- Use Long-tail Keywords:

Identifying the right voice search phrases is the key to long-tail keywords. Using the right sentences and phrases has become much more important to SEO now that voice search is more commonly used. Keywords still matter, but building up important key phrases matters just as much. 

9- Design Local Landing Pages:

This technique is critical for beating out the local competition in searches. The key is to offer more than just a homepage on your website. Building a locally labeled landing page with the right keywords is a big plus to search engines. When they see this, you are much more likely to hit the top of the search rankings. Having a solid homepage with a connection of internal links helps with SEO. But if you really want to go the extra mile, definitely start thinking about building a local landing page to optimize your business. 

The Conclusion:

The technical side to SEO goes even deeper than this. You have to have some very specialized knowledge and web design skills to take SEO to the next step. When that becomes the case, make sure you consider the expertise of a local SEO company. 

About the Author:

Ravi Sharma Ravi Sharma is a young and energetic entrepreneur who has a vision of creating the best SEO company in Chandigarh. He is chasing his dream through Webomaze, a digital marketing company that delivers class local SEO services and solutions. He is a travel enthusiast who loves to explore adventure. Also Read: 11 Top Latest SEO Updated You Should Know
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