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Social Media Specialist Resume Example & Guide for 2020

Social Media Specialist Resume Example & Guide for 2020
One should never underestimate the power of a good resume. It is like a bridge that connects our educational background to our work life. Not to forget that a resume is a person’s first impression on the recruiter. Before even talking to you, the employer scans your resume to figure out if you are worthy enough for a phone call or not and later decide if you should be called for an interview or not.  Therefore, it is important that your resume shines out from hundreds of other aspiring candidates. Often people do not understand how a well written and set resume can help them grab the opportunity for a dream job. It is crucial to understand that your resume is like your lifetime achievement certificate that decides how your future life is going to be.  Be it any job position or industry, an impressive resume is a must-have in order to achieve the desired work-life. Your resume tells the employer/recruiter about your educational background, work experience and where you are heading in your career.  This article will particularly talk about creating an impactful Social Media Specialist Resume.  If you are new to the digital field, then it’s really important to have an influential resume. Moreover, you will find several digital marketing resumes templates for freshers for inspiration. Presently the job market is loaded with numerous digital marketing jobs and career opportunities for freshers as well as experienced. And Considering jobs in Social Media has increased by 10% from 2019 and the number seems to go higher in the near future as well. If you spin that Social Media experience into a powerful resume, it can connect you to great social media jobs. TO start with, strategize your resume before you start writing one. Think of all the important elements that you have to put in it according to the job description provided by the employer. Always remember that you might need to edit and omit your resume for every job vacancy. Similar to that of a social media marketing strategy, you must create a resume building strategy as well. Once you have figured what goes where you are ready to start typing. Let’s begin with the first and the most important segment of a resume- Name and Contact Information:

The information included in this particular segment is very precise

  • You mention your full Name and not first name or last name or your nickname. Make sure that you do not use any shortcuts or short forms of your name.
  • Your contact details such as phone number and email address. Along with that, it is advised that you mention the link to your LinkedIn profile. Hence, it is important that your LinkedIn profile is updated.
  • Considering it is a Social Media Specialist resume if you are someone who has a website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter handle and you maintain it properly, it is advised that you mention the links to these as well.

Given below is a simple example of how you can set this segment.

ALEXA JONES Contact- 666-555-1234, Location- Ontario, Toronto  Alexa.jones.1
The next segment or part of the resume is usually called ‘Profile’ or ‘Career Summary’ or ‘About’ or ‘Professional Career Summary’.  This segment should represent what you have done or learned so far or what skills you possess. It should focus on your skills/core competencies and how much work experience you have. It is a short paragraph at the top of a resume describing your level of experience and key skills. It gives an overview of your expertise and encourages the hiring manager/recruiter/employer to read your whole resume.  Yet again keep in mind the usage of keywords in your resume, pick keywords from the job description provided and utilize them in your career summary as well. Your career summary should tell a story about you and it should entice the recruiter to dig deeper into your resume.

Given below is a sample Career Summary.

Career Summary I have a passion for sports, marketing, graphic design, and social media. Bringing creation, imagination, and determination all together on the drawing board in order to produce something great. Experienced in Photoshop, InDesign, AfterEffects Premier Pro, and other Adobe Applications. Demonstrated knowledge of various social media, strong work ethic and a professional attitude.
Work Experience comes after Career Summary/Professional Summary. Considering the job position is that of a Specialist, he/she should have relevant experience in Social Media handling. A fresher would rather apply for the positions like Social Media Intern or Social Media Executive. 

The format of writing work experience is as follows:

  • List your most recent jobs in reverse chronological order in this section of your resume.
  • Designation
  • Name of the company/organization
  • Work tenure
  • Responsibilities handled
  • Any specific accomplishment while on job
Understand that the recruiter wants to know what you achieved or how many goals you reached while you were on your previous job and not how many pages you managed. The thing is any person can manage accounts; it’s about how you handled it and how far you were able to take its follower number and viewership. What you achieved while handling those accounts and what strategies you used in order to reach a particular target. Alexa has been passionate about sports and she has worked with sports firms handling their social media presence.

Given below is her work experience sample.

Work Experience SOCIAL MEDIA SPECIALIST                                                                                           Jan’2018- Feb’2019 True North Sports-ON, Canada                                                                                   – Work with Celia Slater, the co-founder and executive director of the NCAA Women’s Coaches Academy, on her startup company. – Pitch ways to market her coaching workbooks and coaching summits to the target audience. – Bring to life unique marketing tactics to build an authentic following. – Work on pre-sales to ensure great feedback and profit by the workbook drop date. SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT CREATOR                                                                        Dec’2017- Jan’2018 Gators Soccer -Work with D1 Head Coach Becky Burleigh to create personalized Gator content to promote games, players and events. -Create motion graphics and organize team pre-game presentations. -Work alongside the UAA to abide by regulations and content rules.
Including Education Background in a resume is the next step after Work Experience. Taking into account, there are specific degrees for Social Media, it would not count much. But it is always suggested to mention them anyway. 
  • List a Master’s Degree, then your Bachelor’s Degree (reverse chronological order).
  • Alternatively, if your degrees are in completely different fields, you can showcase the one that closely applies to the job you’re seeking
One can also mention certifications if any. Mentioning Skills in your resume is a must, especially for a Social Media Specialist.

Give a list of all the key skills you possess something like this:

SKILLS & ABILITIES – Leadership Skills – Interpersonal Skills – Strong Work Ethics – Communication Skills – Management Skills – Organizational Skills – Time Management

Additional information

  • This section is for those categories of information that did not fit in any of the above categories but is important nevertheless. 
  • The information one can include is sports achievements, languages known, interests and hobbies, etc.

TOOLS & TECHNOLOGIES – Adobe Photoshop – Light room – Adobe Creative Suite – Microsoft PowerPoint – Microsoft Word – Adobe Premiere Pro
A person who is experienced would be expected to mention references in his/her resume. References are used to cross-check the candidate’s caliber, behavior and work history. References can be your ex-colleagues, manager, HR or if you are a fresher then you can mention your mentor/professors’ name and contact information.

The format followed to mention references is as followed:

REFERENCES: Name of the Person- Designation: Company/University: Contact Information:
Always keep in mind that your resume has to be relevant to the reader’s situation: Your possible next boss will be able to see in a second whether your resume has zip-all to do with her situation, or not. It represents your confidence level, English, aptitude, awareness of the problem you solve, control of your career (or lack thereof), and your personality.  It is a blend of both your professional and personal skills. Therefore, curate it carefully. social-media-expert-resume
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