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Digiperform Helped Me to “Shift From Tiresome BPO to Blooming Digital marketing Sector” – Suyash Chitre

Hi Readers! Meet Digiperformer Suyash Chitre, B.Tech graduate who had 1.5 years of BPO experience before joining dCDMC training at Digiperform. It’s been 3 months now since he completed training with us and working for digital marketing agency named “Eleven.Inc“. In a chit-chat session, he shared how Digiperform’s advanced digital marketing training program helped him to make a smooth career transition from tiresome BPO to blooming Digital marketing sector. Have a look!

Digipeform: Hi Suyash! It’s a pleasure to get connect with you! Before heading further, we would like to know a bit about you & your earlier experiences.

Suyash: I’m a graduate and started my profession with BPO industry where I spend the last few years in this domain. Although I adored my role, I wasn’t sure about my career path where it would lead. I was hoping for more exciting opportunities to grow & excel my skills.

Digipeform: What exactly/originally attracted you to choose digital marketing as your career?

Suyash: Digital Marketing is growing industry and it’s definitely the best career option for someone like me who has a keen interest in marketing & social media. It has established a good reputation amongst individuals/companies by providing lots of opportunities and helped to boost your career in the right direction. With digital marketing learning, you can progress your career, enhance your skills and expand your knowledge.

Digipeform: In your views, what exactly that makes Digiperform stand out from the competition & urge you to choose us over others?

Suyash: After going through all online training options available in the market to develop digital marketing skills, I was looking for a platform where I could get depth knowledge. Being awarded as the Most Promising Brand in Digital Education, undoubtedly I found Digiperform as the best platform for classroom training with top class trainers. Moreover, I liked the way they have given special attention to each candidate which is the admirable thing that makes Digiperform stand out in the competition.

Digipeform: Tell us about your favorite experience you have had, whether as a trainee or as a customer?

Suyash: As a learner, I got the best training and detailed knowledge of every single module. We had 24X7 LMS access for study material. The assignments helped us to learn about the modules in depth practically. And the training provided by trainers were absolutely remarkable.

Digipeform: Would you consider Digiperform as a trusted & reliable resource for digital marketing training?

Suyash: Definitely, you can rely on this brand to learn digital marketing whether you are a fresher or working professional. Trainers are excellent which are the actual soul of any institute or training company.

Digipeform: If you are asked to review our training program, what score would you give it – out of 10?

Suyash: I would rate Digiperform and its training – 10/10.

Digipeform: Finally, please describe Digiperform in one line.

Suyash: Best Training Quality with Great Learning Platform.   Thanks, Suyash! It was really wonderful to get connected with you. We wish you good luck in your future endeavors.
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