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Digital Marketing & E-commerce Landscape in India in 2016: A Sneak Peak

Digital Marketing & E-commerce Landscape in India in 2016: A Sneak Peak
Like any other form of marketing, digital marketing requires you to take the hold of the data first and so every marketer has a great affinity for related statistics. Whether it is about reviewing the customer adoption of the latest digital platforms or making business cases for settling on the right investment in marketing or benchmarking our performance against that of competitors, the very main thing without which the things cannot be worked out is data. In short, to gain the right marketing insights you need to have the right data first. This is why here at Digiperform, we pile up a regularly updated set of digital marketing & ecommerce statistics every year in order to keep our blog readers not just up-to-date but also up-to-speed with the right statistics of the industry. Here are the most striking digital marketing & ecommerce stats from India this year including a lot of predictions based on the current trends.

———The year: 2016———

Key factors for Ecommerce industry


Total e-Commerce size ($ Billion)


Number of Online Shoppers in India (in million)


Online shoppers of total internet users (as a %)


Average spend per online shopper in India (in USD)

“Online shopping is increasing its share in the total internet usage in India. Improved data connectivity in both urban and rural parts of India, will further boost this trend. Along with the increase in basket size, the average spend on online shopping is increasing, although not at the same rate!”


Existing and Emerging e-Commerce business models


E-Commerce aggregators digitizing traditional offline businesses


Major M&A deals in e-Commerce in India since 2014

“India is going to become the start-up capital of the world. e-Commerce is not only taking India to the next level, but is also causing a global paradigm shift. We can leverage e-Commerce to change lives of our citizens. How can we have cost-effective, consumer friendly, valueadd-services at the tip of our finger– This is what Digital India should be!” – Padmaja Ruparel, President, Indian Angel Network


Initiatives by Government of India impacting the e-Commerce industry


Number of 3G and Mobile Internet Users (in million)


Smartphone Shipments vs. Average cost of Smartphones


Modes of payment for e-Commerce


Number of Parcels handled per month by India Post

“Each of the players (e-commerce companies) needs assistance to build end-to-end networks. Forming partnerships for last-mile deliveries enable LSPs to provide same-day delivery and reach hinterlands. However, hyper-locals cannot entirely serve these smaller areas as they don’t have economies of scale. Large delivery players will have to co-exist with smaller delivery players!” – Pritam Banerjee, Senior Director Corporate Policy South Asia, DHL



Hopefully! With the help of the most recent statistics, optimizing the marketing for better ROI as well as making the right investment will become easier for you.

“Across the globe the e-commerce industry is a force which continues to grow, which investors cannot afford to ignore. This is especially true in India where there are so many opportunities. For example, just focusing on B2B e-commerce, the market is both large and broad which provides the potential for amazing innovations. Prime Minister Modi’s vision for India and the ‘Make in India’ and ‘Invest India’ initiatives have swayed the world’s attention on the opportunities provided in the sub-continent. B2C e-commerce in India is changing the ways brands reach consumers and has made it faster and easier for them to make purchases wherever they are, not just when they are in stores. The B2B opportunities are even bigger!” – Nilesh Gopali, cloudBuy, CountryHead, India
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