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Digital Marketing Jobs & Career Opportunities for Fresher in India

Digital Marketing Jobs & Career Opportunities for Fresher in India
Digital marketing is all about how you promote or enhance the visibility of a brand by using online channels & strategies. Presently, Digital marketing has become the most preferred way for businesses to target their audiences based on their demographics, age, and interests. The ultimate goal is to improve sales for the business. And that’s why organizations are speedily hiring digital marketers in order to improve the online presence of their business. Consequently, there are huge jobs and career opportunities in the Digital Marketing field.  Not just for experienced professionals, the field has immense opportunities for fresher as well. There are loads of digital marketing jobs for fresher in digital marketing. However, it’s not that easy to get a digital marketing job as a fresher. You need to take care of some points such as your resume, your cover letter and the way you present your self to the recruiters. Your resume should focus on your skills and certifications. Moreover, you will find several digital marketing resume templates for freshers, and you can use them to create your copy. To overcome your interview anxieties you can check and practiced mostly asked digital marketing Interview questions. Now, let’s discuss the importance of Digital marketing. 

Importance of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is very important for every business.  These days people consume information as well as feedback about your business or services or products via online channels, and maintaining a positive brand image will attract new customers and build a strong relationship. The eventual goal is to improved sales for the business, and digital marketing is the most proficient manner for attaining this aim.

Importance of Digital Marketing in Business

Digital marketing has opened up a new world of opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses. Digital Marketing helps small businesses to grow and make their mark in an extremely competitive industry.  Nowadays customers do not call the store and visit the shop instead that look for the website or social media presence if you don’t have you lose the battle from your competitors Moreover, Small businesses have little resources and even capitalization. this can be why Digital marketing is more cost-effective .we can invest in paid mediums like google ads and FB ads still it’s much cheaper as compared to Traditional Marketing like TV and Radio Ads. Tools such as Google Analytics give chance to know user behavior on PPC selling campaigns, websites, articles, pages, etc…That’s why digital is very important for businesses.

Importance of Digital Marketing for Students

Digital Marketing has made a big bang entry into the world of marketing in recent years. There has been a drastic shift in marketing into online modes, where digital marketing has become a highly trending and yet most promising career. The rising demand for digitization in every business has created a lot of job and career opportunities in digital marketing for fresher as well as professionals so it is the right time for you to join the digital marketing course in Chennai. Moreover, there is a shortage of digital marketing talent. A lack of digital talent in the right areas is an obstacle to the progress of many companies, across a wide range of industries. Every company needs good digital marketers to expand its online presence. They are also unhesitant to pay a good salary to them because the investment in digital marketing is comparatively lesser than traditional marketing.  The average digital marketing salary for fresher in digital marketing is much higher than the salary range of other professional fields. The people who are aiming for a digital marketing career will definitely be going to succeed with higher-paying digital marketing jobs.

Importance of Digital Marketing for Professional

“Change is Inevitable” is a proverb which we all must have heard in our daily lives more often than not. In today’s working environment, it suits working professionals much more than anything else. Job responsibilities have become much more proactive than being reactive, making the workplace a much more dynamic place than ever. With so many new challenges every day, an employee has to be on his toes to co-op up with the changing dynamics and has to device new skills to rise and sometimes, even stay afloat. This has prompted many working professionals to look out of their job sphere and gain an added advantage. The search for added skills is on an all-time high, and there are quite a few options! And one of the best options is Digital Marketing, which has been a favorite amongst working professionals. In any large organization, the number of front end employees outclasses the number of back end employees, which means that almost 55-60% of the typical workforce is either part of marketing or sales functions. With the digital revolution, there has been a huge paradigm shift in the strategies of the corporate sector. This has impacted the roles and responsibilities of the front end functions, which now involve more of a digital approach to reach out to customers than the traditional touch base approach. Thus having expertise in the Digital Marketing sphere gives a distinct advantage to a person. However, the benefits are not restricted to only the job sphere. It lets a person open up his eyes and mind to new possibilities. In a Digital Marketing framework, there is nothing called orthodox or conventional. It’s an open playground for all kinds of creative minds. Any working professional taking up the Digital wave goes through a unique transformation that is futuristic as well as gratifying in its own way. Not just in career terms, digital marketing is highly rewarding in monetary terms as well. The demand for digital marketers is high. When a job is in demand, salaries are also high. One can also expect raise at regular intervals. The more you showcase the skills, the more you get paid for. For beginners, the salary is pretty good as the job is east but yes, really creative. But once you get a hang of it, it the coolest job today. If you have a stronger skill set and expertise in fields like SEO, SMO, and PPC, you can avail of the best package in the industry. Now let’s look at the different job roles in digital marketing…

Different Digital Marketing Job Roles 

Digital Marketing is a quick growing and evolving profession path. As more channels of communication are now available, the requirement for people who are capable enough to keep pace with the business or market requirements grows as well. Organizations are looking for a project planner who must have all the digital knowledge and skills but also has the high-level vision to pull together a campaign from digital marketing concept to execution Digital project managers are essential for overseeing the implementation of a verity of digital marketing campaign and strategies. Some of the top roles in digital marketing available today are: Digital Marketing Manager – They play a critical role in digital campaigns. They look after laying out projects, creating a timeline, setting milestones, managing budgets, and many other things. A digital marketing manager must have excellent communication, organization, and synergetic skills. Social Media Marketing Manager- Social media marketing manager help companies to communicate with the public through social media platforms. They create a content campaign to engage new and existing customers. SEO Expert – In order to get maximum traffic on the website, the business needs to rank high on the search engine results pages. The SEO expert should know that how to write content that assures a company’s website gets seen by the target audience. Content Marketer – They are responsible for creating fresh content customizing to a company’s objectives and Target Audience. Content marketers must have strong writing skills and a grasp of search engine optimization (SEO). They must be able to use analytic tools to find out which topic is engaging. Email Marketer – They are responsible for creating and launching email campaigns and managing customer’s information and database. Email Marketers must have strong writing and editing skills. Copywriter – Copywriters are responsible to write more creative text like ad jingles, taglines. Digital Advertising – Digital advertising use Internet-based advertising tools to research, manage, track, analyze and improve online advertising campaigns. Analytics Expert – Analytics Expert is responsible to collect, organize and categorize the data. Data analysts create systems to organize and examine this data so that companies can interpret it and apply it to their digital marketing campaigns. Digital PR – Digital PR is a strategy used by the brands to increase their online presence and to maintain an online reputation. Affiliate Marketer – An affiliate marketer promotes the product of another person and earns a commission. There are many companies that provide a package of more than 10 Lakhs per annum. Besides that, most of the companies provide work from home. There are 20 lacs digital jobs predicted by 2020 and not sufficient digital professionals to fill up them. For Every 10 Internet users in India, 1 Job will be created. This gives a unique competitive advantage to those studying digital marketing. You’re preparing yourself up for a career where demand exceeds supply. Always a good move! At present, According to the available details, there are around 36,000 jobs accessible on Naukri, around 34,000 on Monster, around 53,000 on Shine and around 80,000 on Times jobs.   Digital Marketing Job Roles    Employers these days eventually are not necessarily seeking candidates who have marketing degrees or years of experience in the same. As they need people with skills and knowledge. The one who is passionate, innovative, patient, goal-oriented and spontaneous.

Digital Marketing in Every Field

Digital marketing has engraved its position in every niche and field and hence there are plentiful jobs for digital marketing in the market even for the fresher.
  • Health Industry
  • Travel Industry
  • Real Estate
Health Industry: Now a day people immediately search on search engines for any of the health issues and hence this increased the demand for digital marketing in the health industry as well. Medicines are available in online shops like 1mg, nedmeds and pharmeasy are the best examples of how digital marketing played an important role. Travel Industry: Digital marketing is being used for brand promotions, advertisements, etc. which was witnessed in the past decade as a lot of advancements and activities in tourism. The famous websites such as,, goibibo, etc. observed a number of hits every day. An approximate of 0.5 million people visit such kind of travel websites every day by an estimate. Real Estate: Builders who are into digital marketing or taking the help of digital marketing, advertise their projects online and hit the targeted customer base. Even it is easier for people who are searching to own their space in this world to find what they want. is one such example.

Types of Digital Marketing:

1-Content Marketing: This type of digital marketing is the type of marketing that focuses on the targeted audience for creating and distributing content. The content aims at being relevant, valuable and consistent. To drive profitable customer action is the ultimate goal.  2-Search Engine Optimization (SEO): This is the process of bringing the quality traffic from organic or free, search results on the search engine. The crucial part of SEO is to bring the traffic to your website which is relevant to your business or brand. 3-Search Engine Marketing (SEM): The process for gaining both organic traffic as well as the paid ones, the term umbrella was used initially for search engine marketing. The form of digital marketing in which by using paid methods, aims at increasing the visibility of a website in search engines is to be considered as search engine marketing. 4-Social Media Marketing (SMM): To attract traffic and get attention from social media platforms, this process is known as Social Media Marketing. With the help of this kind of digital marketing, one can build meaningful relationships with the customers. Social Media Marketing is basically to listen to what your customers have to say, engaging them in the conversation and then accordingly sharing the valuable content.  When content marketing, search engine optimization, and social media marketing are combined together, it is to be considered as Inbound Marketing and this marketing methodology is used to attract, engage and delight leads. 5-Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC): When marketers pay a fee every single time their ads are being clicked by people, PPC advertising comes into the picture at that time. Under the PPC process, the buying of visits to your site as getting them organically with the help of SEO or other types of digital marketing.  6-Affiliate Marketing: One of the most popular ways where these days people are making money online is with the help of Affiliate Marketing This digital marketing is basically where a person partners up with any other business and in order to receive a commission for the traffic, that person generates traffic for the partnered business. 7-Email Marketing: In the world of digital marketing, email marketing is one of the most popular types. This type of marketing is used in promoting products or services. This also helps in building relationships with customers. There are multiple things that contribute to the success of an email marketing strategy, from the content which is created at the time emails are being shared.  8-Instant Messaging Marketing: The latest communication trend these days is instant messaging. Around 1.5 billion people globally using WhatsApp on a regular basis, followed by Facebook Messenger. Enter instant messaging marketing, if you want to be where your audience is. Below is the graphical presentation of the people using global messenger apps and is monthly based on the number of users. Digital Marketing is not just a trend these days, but how marketing will be done going forward. Going digital will be a lot more affordable than traditional techniques in the coming days as well. Businesses that cannot adapt to the new marketing environment run the risk of facing extinction sooner rather than later. And to recover from such a tragic condition, they are choosing to adapt by hiring digital marketers. In today’s time, we repeatedly hear the phrase Digital Marketing and we all consider ourselves that we kind of know what in reality it is. This consideration at times limits the possibility and opportunity that the entire Digital Marketing landscape can truly propose. This is why, when it comes to nailing digital marketing down, we either turn speechless or get trapped. To come out of such scenarios, it is very essential to recognize the unusual types of Digital Marketing opportunities that are obtainable to your business. As per the Salesforce, 75% of the entire marketing budget will go-to digital marketing by 2021. Now that’s going to be a gigantic modification. Digital marketing these days depends upon the various types of audiences, which are interacting with multiple types of online marketing. It revolves around managing and harnessing various types of Digital Marketing Channels and from time to time they might be a bit complicated to deal with. Brands are getting super active to the spotlight of digital marketing after recognizing the significance of digital marketing and hence the skills in digital marketing are in a severe demand widening its span in the market space. Higher pay and multiple career choices are the significant advantages of having a digital marketing career. Apart from these, there is an expansive reach of digital marketing as promoting and branding business throughout digital media is the fastest and dependable mode of marketing to target mass audiences. In the world of digital marketing, the Prime Minister of India has come up with the idea of making India like Digital India. This step taken by the Prime Minister has acted as a promotional campaign for digital marketing which resulted in many more job opportunities for fresher as well to a great point. it’s a national alarm for all working professionals as well as fresher of India who all are looking for an inviting career in digital marketing. Digital marketing is working as the magic tool for brands and businesses for being reliable, eco-friendly, reachable, influential, user engagement and measurable. As more and more businesses are now joining the online marketing strategies for a wider market-reach, the job opportunities in digital marketing are ever-growing. Since digital marketing has various options and strategies allied with it, one can get creative and can try out with a variety of marketing campaigns on a budget. One can also use tools like analytics dashboards to observe the achievement and ROI of your campaigns with the help of digital marketing more than one could perform with traditional promotional content.
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