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Facebook upgrades its Messenger app with end-to-end encryption feature

Facebook upgrades its Messenger app with end-to-end encryption feature
Like WhatsApp and Allo, Facebook has also updated its messaging service Messenger with end-to-end encryption and the feature is called ‘Secret Conversations’. Once the Facebook users turn the ‘Secret Conversations’ option in their Messenger settings on, they can enable the additional security layer with end-to-end encryption. Users can also individually enable it for specific people. Of these two ways available to enable the feature, you can enable the first one by selecting the new message icon and clicking the ‘Secret Conversations’ button placed on the top right corner before you select the name of the person you want to chat with. However, you can tap on the thread details icon on the top right corner and select Secret Conversation in the menu for opening the already existing chat. This is how you will be able to open a new chat window with the blue colored interface in which black colors replaces the blue (which has been default) that indicates the conversation is encrypted from one device to another. Moreover, the Secret Conversation chat window also presents you with an option to set duration for the messages with a range of 5 seconds to 1 day. However, the timer gets started when the user at the other end sees the message. The timer then disappears based on the selected time duration that is set. All the Facebook Messenger users can find the updated Messenger app on Play Store. As of now, there is no update on whether users will be able to send GIFs, videos and voice messages & Voice calls with the features at present or not.
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