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Chapter 6 – How to generate leads with your email marketing campaign?

Chapter 6 – How to generate leads with your email marketing campaign?
Hello Readers! Welcome to Chapter 6 of our free email marketing course. First, we would like to thank everyone for being consistent readers of our email marketing course. Second, for those who have landed on our website for the first time, we feel delighted to announce that we are running email marketing course for our readers absolutely free. Yes, You have heard right! Email marketing is the very important strategy of any online business. And, our obligation is to educate those who want to start their career in online marketing or looking for meticulous ways to generate leads for the businesses. During our online email marketing course, you are learning what is email marketing all about? How can email marketing help to boost your business? What are the various practices to generate leads? How to create free email marketing templates? And more………… As we have stated earlier in our chapters that email marketing is the essence of any online business. Till now, we have shared the following chapters of email marketing course: Chapter 1- How to get started with email marketing? Chapter 2 – How to create the email marketing list from scratch? Chapter 3 – How to create a free email template without coding? Chapter 4 – How to measure the effectiveness of your email campaign? Chapter 5 – How To Use A/B Tests To Improve Your Email Campaigns? In chapter 6, you will be learning how to generate leads through email marketing campaign, what kind of email marketing strategy should be followed and what are the best practices to generate leads. Here we go! When we discuss generating leads with email marketing campaign, it’s important to start what does it mean? SO, what is a lead? Is this a form filled by the reader or brochure downloaded? or Maybe someone who attends a company-sponsored webinar? Ideally, it differs from business-to-business. This is the hard truth that there is no particular type of lead generation. It varies as per the business requirements. For example, it can be a form when filled by the visitor, ebook downloaded, or even visiting the website, etc. The only purpose of lead generation is that the individual should have a real interest in your category of product or service. Generating a lead is very important part of any email campaign. Therefore, it’s a topmost role of any email marketer to create fledgling curiosity among the visitors (readers) and nurture it over time until it evolves into full-blown product interest or required action. The best approach is to follow the right email marketing strategy to generate the leads for your businesses. So the real question becomes, what is required to create the right email marketing strategy, how to engage the thousands of visitors, how to maintain the interest among them, how to turn visitors into potential leads and what are the best practices to generate leads?

Essentials of Email Marketing campaign to generate leads

There are a few essentials that one should keep in mind while creating email marketing campaigns. The pointers help to gear up the lead generation by following: Subject Line: The subject line is the one that decides whether an email will be read by the visitor or not; to the extent. So, spend time thinking about ways you can improve your subject line. Personalize it. Subject lines should clearly address your business concern like: “attend our webinar” or “download our latest ebook”. Quickness: Your readers are already bombarded with massive amounts of email every day. Therefore, an email marketing campaign should be concise but engaging. Visuals/Imagery: Images or pictures generate more traffic than normal text messages. Also, using visuals fortify your duplicate content and convey your message rapidly to your target group. Social Integration: The content has no charm if it’s not shared by the visitors. Same is expected by email marketers as well that readers/visitors sharing the content or emails with their network. The best way to facilitate this is by incorporating social media sharing links into your emails. Additionally, each recipient of the email will have their own favorite social network so give them options to share on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin. CTA: To effectively turn a visitor into lead or sale, the online marketer should create the content that will educate the readers about the products or services. The way to educate them is to provide them with unlimited content through ebooks, videos, blogs, case studies, testimonials, etc. Use action words like attend, download, register, read, and try now. Give them the next step to take after reading your email, like registering for an upcoming webinar.

Best Practices to generate leads through your email marketing campaigns

1- Try not to Purchase Contact Lists

This is of no surprise, as we are already aware of the guidelines rollout by General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with data consent. Email campaigns rely upon a sound open rate, and in case you’re reaching readers whose data you have purchased – instead of genuinely earned it – you’ll rapidly observe your messages’ execution drop. The GDPR additionally requires every European recipient’s assent before you connect with the users or visitors, and purchased email lists usually do not come with that consent.

2- Use Incentives/Benefits to Increase Open Rates

When you incorporate a motivator/benefit in the subject line of your email campaign, you can increase open rates by as much as half. For example, “Free transporting when you shop for more than Rs 500” and “Get a free iPod with demo“. However, be careful not to overwhelm your readers with savings- or product-related emails. Customer loyalty starts with casual industry insights – only then can you talk business.

3- Avoid Using ‘No-Reply’ in the Sender’s Email Address

The one major rule to avoid your email fall into spam is to not-to-use No-Reply ( email addresses for your campaign. Your agenda to send emails to your readers is to gain the trust and turn them into the lead. “No-Answer” in an email keep readers from reacting and notwithstanding quitting further messages. Your clients are considerably more liable to open messages on the off chance that they know they were composed by an individual.

4- Stick to Fewer Than Three Fonts in the Content

The less mess you have in your email, the more chances you’ll get the open rate or leads. Try not to garbage up your email with more than two, or a most extreme of three font styles or typefaces.

5- Clean Your Mailing List Regularly

A portion of your email contacts probably won’t quit your email newsletters, yet at the same time never open your messages. It’s enticing to email whatever number readers as would be prudent to achieve more prospects, however keeping your minimum connected with recipients on your mailing rundown can murder your open rate. Individuals who never open messages aggravate your battle look since you’re not investigating the campaign’s quality against your most loyal recipients. Break down who hasn’t locked in with your messages over a specific timeframe, and keep on removing them on a regular basis. There is no point to keep junk in your subscribers’ list. This gives you a more precise email open rate and keeps your email campaign clean of the people who are no longer interested in hearing from you.

6- Keep the Main Message and Call-to-Action Above the Fold

If your main call-to-action (CTA) falls below the fold, as many as 70% of recipients won’t see it. Also, any CTA should be repeated at least three times throughout the email in various places and formats.

7- Customize the Email Greeting

How regularly do you read messages that start, “Dear Member”? You might segment your email audiences by the type of customer they are, but it shouldn’t be the first thing recipients see in your company messages. Always try to personalize the greeting of your emails with your contacts’ first names as it grabs the attention of each reader right away. You don’t need to personalize the email by writing each name manually. Email marketing tools allow configuring the greeting of your email campaign so that it automatically sends with the name of the people on your contact list – so everyone is getting a personal version of the same message.

8- Keep Your Email 500-650 Pixels Wide

If your email format is wider than 650 pixels, you’re requesting that readers scroll horizontally to read your entire message. This is much more bulky for a recipient who’s perusing your email on his or her cell phone. Your email pixel width is a basic segment of its lead-catching capacity.

9- Put Your Logo in the Center or Upper Left-Hand Side of the Email

Eye-tracking examinations have discovered that individuals naturally search for logos on the upper left-hand side or center of messages. Put your logo on the upper left-hand side to guarantee it gets the most permeability.

10- Compose Compelling (But Concise) Subject Lines

A decent subject line ought to contain somewhere in the range of 30 and 50 characters (counting spaces). Email records and cell phones regularly remove any titles that go past this length. Your email subject line ought to likewise make a feeling of urgency while giving readers some indication of what to expect once they open the email.

11- Utilize Auto-Responders for Opt-Ins

Be set up for your readers to forget they opted in. Set up an automated assistant that reminds readers that they have picked into your email database. The automated responder ought to be conveyed one day, five days, and 10 days after the individual registers. Every automated assistant/responder email ought to likewise incorporate content or bonus material to reward the reader for opting into the newsletter — or your readers might not feel they have enough incentive to actually opt-in.

12- Direct Emails to Landing Pages

One of the motives of any email campaign is to direct emails to landing pages. Therefore, landing pages need to match the emails in terms of headlines, content, visuals, etc. The look and description of email, as well as the landing page, should match each other. Also, you need to make sure you are using tracking tools to see which email campaign, as well as landing pages, are performing better and generating more leads.

13- Try A/B email testing for each campaign

As we have stated in our previous chapter – How To Use A/B Tests To Improve Your Email Campaigns; where two identical campaigns should be presented among the two groups of your readers/visitors/subscribers with minor changes such as color, designs, graphics, call to actions, etc. with the same agenda to target the audience. Then analyze the performance of the emails and continue with the one which results great. We hope this chapter has given you some idea what are the various ways to generate more leads with your email marketing campaign. In the next chapter, we will be sharing how to increase the conversion of your email marketing campaign. Read More.. Chapter 5
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