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How to Boost Your Online Visibility using Quora in the Year 2021

How to Boost Your Online Visibility using Quora in the Year 2021
If you want to find some new clients try taking a different approach.  Have you ever given a thought to understanding the pain points of your customer? What if I tell you that solving their problems can help you win them as your customers?  Good content marketing is all about solving problems. It not only helps build a rapport of your brand in the market, but it also makes you a great problem solver in the respective field. It builds up your authority.   An incredible way to drive sales is to attract the target audience by answering their questions directly. You can find such questions related to your field all across the Internet; however, one platform where you can find questions abundantly is none other but Quora. It is a great platform for such interactions.  Is your content marketing strategy a resilient one? Here’s why you should use Quora to drive business growth.  

Why Consider Quora? 

Firstly, because writing an answer on Quora is relatively easier than writing a complete blog post. Secondly, a Quora answer can be more insightful and can be easily shared on Facebook or Twitter compared to a blog post. Because, when you share a link of a blog as a Tweet or a Facebook post, there is a small chance that people will prefer to click compared to a Quora answer. Also, Quora has a higher search rank which means your answers will more likely appear on Google Search than a blog,   So what does an ideal Quora answer look like to the audience?  Well, if you ask me, anything that isn’t less than 150 words or does not exceed 1000 words is a good enough answer to go on Quora. At an average, people usually sum up their answers in 400-500 words. Based on the questions that you address and how adequately you include your business links in the answer becomes a deciding factor to help you earn some good profitable leads in your businesses

How Should one Leverage Quora for their Businesses?

As a business, you can’t just answer a particular query on the platform, sit back and relax waiting for people to search up their problem which happens to relate to the question you have just answered.  The leads cannot magically appear. In fact, you have to work for them.  Start out by creating insightful answers such as answered for the following question; What are the advantages of a dedicated hosting server?  As you can see, people have marketed various different hosting services in their answers.  Once, you have successfully answered a question on Quora, follow these hacks to upscale the online visibility of the answer. Eventually, it will increase the chance of people clicking on your product link. 

Hack # 1: Recycle Your Existing Content

Start out by checking out all the content which you have published on your website. In most cases, it is the blog posts that you have published over the years. Now check which of these blogs are going to help people. See how you can relevantly add that blog into your answer and help people find solutions.  This approach is called the recycling approach to Quora marketing When answering such questions, make sure to keep the content short and concise. To get the best out of this approach, make sure that your link is placed somewhere where it is prominent & accessible

Hack # 2: Share Your Answers on Different Social Channels

Another way of giving exposure to some of your best answers is by sharing those answers on different social media channels. quora answers It will help you grab user attention in just the places you want.  Every time you answer a question and publish it, you will find a share option on the answer. Just click on the share button and it will directly be posted on any of your desired social channels. In this way, you will send out a word indirectly to check out how awesomely you resolved a problem. And in the wake of problem-solving, you will earn a click on your service with a chance of lead conversion. 

Hack # 3: Chase the Path of Becoming an Industry Influencer

It is without a doubt that Quora helps us in boosting brand exposure exponentially in the market. As more and more people interact with the answers, there is a high chance that they convert into sales.  However, what we do on Quora is definitely not all about getting sales.  When we start addressing people’s problems, it shows that we know what we are doing and we know it, better than the rest. It helps us establish ourselves as an authority figure in the respective field.  If you are smart enough you can merge the elements of empathy and cunningness to answer these questions and in return use a low-key strategy in marketing your business indirectly to the audience.  If you have established yourself as an authority figure in Quora, you can cash that to your benefit. 

Hack # 4: Interact with Your Followers & Potential Customers

One of the greatest benefits of using the Quora platform is to stay active and participate with individuals and customers. If you have successfully established yourself as an authority figure in the market, you have already done half the job without facing any difficulty.  When you will respond to topics that are specific in your niche, people will prefer to listen to what you have to say. They will read your stuff and put their faith in you. Here, you have a great opportunity to win them as your customer. Say something that not only grabs attention but also solve problems.  By being active online, you will eventually increase your own visibility. Don’t forget to mention your business in your profile description so people can easily reach out to you. *wink*  Here is an example of perfect quora profile: quora-profile-example Quora is a remarkable platform. It’s not just a simple platform where you have to answer questions that relate to a certain problem; it is a platform to create awareness and educate the hungry minds. However, nowhere in the world, has anyone ever claimed that you can’t use it to boost visibility. 

About the Author: 

Irfan Ak is a digital marketing strategist at Branex – a digital marketing agency & a guest blogger on various websites. He has worked with various other brands and created value for them.
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