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How to Create an Effective Script for Your Business Explainer Video?

How to Create an Effective Script for Your Business Explainer Video?
The modern customer wants to see brands in real action. That’s the reason why videos are so popular these days. As per the stats, the World reportedly watches 1 billion hours of YouTube videos per day.  youtube users watch video Video not only gives a real-life picture, but it’s also versatile as well as engaging content format that makes it easy to share across all the multiple platforms.  And, the businesses who want to attract the potential audience understand the power of using video in their marketing strategies (video marketing). Customers like to watch entertaining content which in turn helps businesses to create a potential return on investment (ROI) through many channels. This shows video marketing has been leading the pack for a while now in terms of reliability. If you are looking to engage your audience and convey the workings and value of your products, the best way to showcase is through business explainer video. video stats

What is Business Explainer Video?

The business explainer video is a short marketing video that communicates the services and solutions of a company. Also, it refers to showcasing brand or company culture using videos to help them with their marketing and promotion. And, with so many things that go into like – voiceover, storyboard, animation – it’s easy to forget that behind every great video needs to have – great script. A script that shapes the whole process and will directly influence the final quality and the video’s effectiveness. Want to know what goes into a great explainer video’s script? Read on…

There’s More to It Than Just Explaining

When they watch a well-crafted explainer video, viewers usually get to feel comfortable with the message in the play. It helps them to understand the product or services in a better way. And, Yes! they also get to understand everything being covered end up with good feeling. This doesn’t happen by accident. It is a pursuable quality of all explainer videos, and it is something that starts with an awesome script. What constitutes an awesome script? Well, there are several things to account for.


Before scripting anything, it is essential to establish how long your video will be! Generally speaking, it is tougher to start writing if you do not know where it will end, so this helps the whole process along. 90-seconds seems widely regarded as the ideal length for marketing videos, which equals approximately 240 words. Why? It is an optimal time-frame to aim for that gives you enough time to explain most products or services with little risk of losing your audience’s interest. Do keep in mind that this figure is not written in stone and some breathing room is expected. That said, most of the time you’ll want to avoid going over the 2-minute mark.


Think about the logical progression of things. In every explainer video, there should be:
  • A “What” or Introduction.
To explain why your product might be the solution for your audience, you have to know and show what the problem is. So start with that, as quickly as possible, and ideally in the first 20 seconds of your video. 
  • A “How” or Development.
In the next 5 seconds and without pushing to sell anything, focus on explaining how your product or service could be the answer or solution to the problem. Give it 25 seconds or more, roughly, to describe how it works.
  • A “Why” or Final.
Explain to your audience why they should choose you instead of the competition. And don’t forget to provide a clear and easy-to-reach call to action so your audience can seize the opportunity of buying your product. Now, you already have a structure for your video. Give each field a blank space in your template to develop characters and dialogue. 


Dialogue and word choices should be straightforward and as short as possible! If you try to give your audience a detailed instruction manual for your product or service, they will be confused, overwhelmed, and lose interest.  Which reminds, one should avoid technical terms like the plague! You might think that big words and complex ideas give your message legitimacy, but most audiences don’t respond to them. It’s best to show expertise by bringing everything to brass tacks and giving viewers a simple throughline to follow along. Trust us; this approach is a trademark of many of the best animation companies out there. Don’t worry! Afterward, you will always have time to go in-depth on the most technical aspects through your website and other complementary pieces.

Wrap up

The endings of your videos are critical, and something you should polish from the get-go in your script. Always have a clear idea of what it is that you want your audience to do after watching your video. Do you want to redirect them to your website? Do you want them to visit your social network channel and follow you? Is there a link you want them to click on? Always include those calls to actions at the end of your script. Otherwise, your video will end up missing a crucial piece.

Time to Write!

Now that you know the length of your video and have a clear structure for it, it’s time to get writing. Like, You have made a list of the benefits that you would highlight and know how to convey them in a simple manner. Lastly, you decided on a clear call to action to wrap things up.  With all of this in mind, you are ready to start typing.  While you write, forget a little bit about boosting your sales and instead, focus on your audience! Speak directly to them using the second person (‘You’ or ‘Your’). Rather than trying to sell them anything, explain to them how you can improve their lives with your product or service. Try to stay away from mentioning features for as long as possible. Focus on the benefits your audience can receive. The above statement is also true for building characters. Try to portray your ideal viewer:
  • What do they look like?
  • How old are they?
  • What do they usually wear?
Think about the settings and the natural environment of your ideal audience member and replicate it in your video. 

Add Fun

Whenever possible, and unless you have excellent reasons not to, include at least a touch of humor in your scripts. Most often than not, doing so usually becomes a reliable way to not only to create compelling explainer videos but to inspire your audience as well.  Studies have shown that humor induces positive emotion and consequently influences decision-making behavior.  Also, a funny video is more likely to give you likes and shares on social media. As you may already know: a happy customer talks about it Just one warning: make sure that it would be funny and enjoyable to most of your viewers. Ask yourself if your ideal target would laugh with it or at least, that it would make them smile.

In Short

A structured script of the correct length is the essence of a fantastic explainer video.  Combining structure with descriptive words for scripting, and simple words for dialogue, are the golden ticket to preserve your message’s integrity and effectiveness. Add a bit of humor to the mix, and you’ll add a bit of shine to the whole piece – Making it a more unique kind of jewel. Want to see all these techniques in play? Take a look! Now you have the basics of all you need to write an excellent explainer script. Get It Started! Also Read: How to use social media videos throughout the marketing funnel?
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