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How to Create Effective Call to Actions in 2021

How to Create Effective Call to Actions in 2021
Surely you have heard more than once about the famous Call To Action. It is one of the key elements in the success of a website, but do you know why they are so important? When we talk about calls to action, one thing must be kept in mind: it is the first contact we are going to have with our users. It is the way of claiming, “Hi, I’m here, click me!”

What Are Calls to Action and Why Are They so Important?

Can you imagine that a person dressed in grey, with a serious face and a monotonous voice, says “Hello, click”?What if, instead, a clown with lights around it told you, dancing and singing? Surely, at the very least, it would catch your attention and pique your curiosity. Okay, it is a very absurd example, but it works to illustrate the other side of the coin as well. That is, in real life, you would never go with a bizarre and meaningless clown. Well just like on a website, if we spend a lot of time with lights, colours, arrows, and exclamations, we can scare users. When we create a web page, it is because we want users to do something on it: read us, leave their data, ask, request a quote, buy. It is what we know as “conversions” and it is the main thing about a website, our objective. The calls to action are focused on getting conversions, whatever they are.

Learning from Teachers: Calls to Action in America

As it is, in the United States we have years of advantage, at least when it comes to online marketing. Perhaps, it is because the Internet was created by them, or because in marketing and advertising they have always been one step ahead. Be that as it may, the fact is that they do it very well and their calls to action are a clear example to follow. Indeed, we cannot copy with our eyes closed what the Americans do and be so comfortable. We must take our public into account and think that, generally, the Indian public is not as used to calls to action as they are, and therefore, if itis not done carefully, it can cause rejection. That said, I bring you some examples of calls to action from the biggest marketers out there: A very direct call to action in the form of a question and answer: “Do you have a challenge for us? We promise you that we have an answer. In this case, its objective is to capture the database, for which it offers content in exchange for your email. It also plays with the concept of exclusivity. Enter your email to get my SEO and web traffic tips.  With an original and creative copy, he tells you that he teaches you how to get more web traffic and that he will share with you neither more nor less I am learning a lot and you will too. Send me lessons on web traffic generation ”. Who better than Amazon to create calls to action? In this case, it is something personalized (they call me by my name) that even shows me in numbers what I’m going to save if I get your card,

How to Make an Efficient Call to Action

Given all of the above, surely you are wondering, “now but? how to create a call to action that really works for my website?? You have to take into account many factors: your target audience, your niche, what you offer, what conversion you want to achieve. It is very important to be clear about where we are to create a call to action that works. Also the factors: Where to put the call to action on your website, what colour it should be, how big. Unfortunately, I can’t give you the perfect and unique formula, since it depends a lot on the situation. Some experts say that it works better if it is placed in the lower right part of the web (following the European reading order), others that it has to go in the centre and be red, others that it is better above. I tell you that the most important is what you say and that the other factors are a matter of testing (always keeping in mind the rest of the Keeping this in mind, here are some tips to create a Call-To-Action: You have to make it clear to users what benefit they are going to get by clicking on your button. It is something that works very well, especially in the online world.
  • Orient it to benefits. You have to make it clear to users what benefit they are going to get by clicking on your button.
  • Generate curiosity. It is something that works very well, especially in the online world. Appealing to people’s curiosity can be a good way to convert. Now, don’t forget to satisfy them at the end! If you tell a user “You know what?”, But then you don’t tell him what … He will have clicked, but it is useless because he has not achieved what he wanted and has left your website angry.
  • Problem-Solution. Identify the user’s problem and give it a solution. The solution is (or usually is) the service you offer. To do this you have to tell him: you have this problem, I explain the problem to you and then I propose the solution: my service.
  • Social approval. Actions are based on what others have done or recommended. It is not that users are stupid and will do something just because someone else has done it, far from it. What happens is that people tend to trust something more when we see that others have already passed through there. A good technique is to mention the number of users who have hired your service, put recommendations, opinions …
  • Give them something in return. A very common Inbound Marketing technique is to offer unique or special content in exchange for receiving user data. Here their objective is nothing more than to obtain data, so to achieve it they give something in return (usually it is ebooks, tips, a video-tutorial …).
  • Measure. Very important. Measure everything you do and the results you get. It is very difficult to find the perfect call to action on the first try. So you have to go testing and seeing what works best. Keep in mind that your audience is unique and will react in a unique way to your website.
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