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An Interview Session with Digiperform’s Ex-Trainee- Ayush Bansal

A chit-chat session with one of our Ex-trainees, Ayush Bansal, a student who decided to learn Digital Marketing to get skilled with latest marketing trends. Why? Let’s read to know further: Q1- Please share your personal and professional background. In which profile and company you are working currently? I am Ayush Bansal and belong to a business family. I have completed my secondary education and pursuing higher studies in New Zealand at Ara Institute of Canterbury. Simultaneously, I have been handling all the online promotions for my family business (Raj Traders) side by side. Q2- Why have you chosen a career in Digital Marketing? How do you get to know about Digital Marketing? I have chosen digital marketing as one of the additional skills that I would like to add in my professional working list because, in the present scenario, things have been totally evolved and become digitalized. Everything is connected with digital. India is on the path of digitalization as well. The people are reluctantly using the internet to cope up with daily activities by keeping themselves connected with the world. Therefore businesses have accepted the same as well. Initially, I learned Digital Marketing to promote my father’s business only. But now I am planning to use my skill for freelancing; like currently, I am promoting Indian Community in New Zealand to unite all the Indians in New Zealand to stay in touch and come in handy to each other. Few of my friends have also learned digital marketing. They recommended me to learn and use the skill to help in the business on my own. Q3- How is Digital Marketing helping in your career? Digital marketing is helping me in providing a supporting hand to my family business as well as promoting Indian Community in New Zealand. With digital marketing, I am able to explore my talents as a student. Q4-How you feel digital marketing can help students learn as well as earn? It helps students in getting into the wider array of opportunities job wise and making them capable of impacting/changing things in the World. Digital marketing is in demand worldwide. Everywhere they need skilled digital marketers. So with same, you can earn your survival in any part of the world. Also, Digital marketing has a big impact on earnings whether you are a student or entrepreneur. For students, after your expertise in Blogs, SEO’S, Ad-words, you can be a Freelancer like I am currently working for Indian Community in New Zealand and earn according to your abilities and if you’re expert in Blogs, you can be a blogger as well. So after you complete Digital Marketing course, you can earn as much as you can depend on how you grab or create the opportunities. Q5- Why did you choose Digiperform over other digital marketing training companies? I choose DIGIPERFORM over other digital marketing companies because it has the right atmosphere and right Trainers for Digital Marketing. I had attended many demo classes before coming to Digiperform. Out of all, I was mentally ready to invest on Digiperform for the Digital Marketing Certification Course only. I liked their demo class. Then, I followed my search for online reviews & testimonials and found out the Digiperform as best for me. Q6- How was your experience with Digiperform. Please share your memorable moments? While in Digiperform I came across more of practical sessions and classes which really helped me in learning the lot more things. We were given an access to LMS portal which has all the reading elements related to our course with exercises which helped us to understand the topic completely. Q7- How is the faculty and training in Digiperform? Faculty at Digiperform is really well trained with best of the knowledge and skills. Q8- In your opinion, what is the scope of digital marketing in coming years? In coming years, digital marketing is going to be the primary key to reaching to the people either be it for some social cause or some personal/business benefits. Q9- What are your future plans? Till now I want to gain some experience of the corporate world after finishing my higher studies and then will start doing things on my own. Q10- Would you like to give any message to your readers? I have always said that the one should do those things which are important to you rather than doing those with which people feel important to you. Ask yourself what exactly you looking for skill-wise. Follow your instinct and interest, then decide your career path. Plus nothing is wrong to learn as per the current trend. Most importantly you have to be very patient in getting the things turn out to be the way you want them to be. Add skills to journey, it will help to earn and survive smoother anywhere. Thanks a lot Ayush for sharing your valuable input and being the part of Digiperfrom family. We wish you a great success.
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