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An Interview Session with Digiperform’s Ex-Trainee – Pallavi Agarwal

A chit-chat session with one of our Ex-trainees, Pallavi Agarwal, a Marketing Professional who decided to learn Digital Marketing to get skilled with latest marketing trends. Why? Let’s read to know further: Q1- Please share your personal and professional background. In which profile and company you are working currently? I’m Pallavi Agarwal. I am marketing graduate, currently working with as a Product Marketing Associate in Gurgaon. Mindscroll is a new-age learning platform provider, working towards catering to the new trends; they have a very light foot-print on the devices, along with a mobile-ready interface to ensure the UI and the UX maps to the new form factor. Q2- Why have you chosen the career in Digital Marketing? How do you get to know about Digital Marketing? When I was deciding about my specialization in MBA, I was really confused with the specific stream that suits my personality and with which I could do justice from my side as well. After selected marketing as my specialization, I realized the competition in the field. In between reading, listening and analyzing to the everyday market trends which been specifically dedicated to businesses going online, I realized where my place can be in the corporate world, decided to dive into the digital platform and choose it as my career.                 Q3- How is Digital Marketing helping in your career? Knowingly or unknowingly digital marketing is helping all of us in our career. From a single Google search for everything to getting a random call from a recruiter, everything is backed by digital aspect. For me, digital marketing is helping greatly with the kind of opportunities that I’m getting while working on my own profile, specific to the content building, SEO handling and then working on advertising websites. Q4-How you feel digital marketing can help students learn as well as earn? For me today, digital marketing is one space where you can make your own steps strongly because of less competition and more demand. The field is just in the introductory phase where each of the company is trying to move. The students today can easily start their career and grow with the firms. Beside this, you have many opportunities as a freelancer which could help you in making money. Q5- Why did you choose Digiperform over other digital marketing training companies? Being an MBA graduate and getting started off with my career, I wasn’t in condition to take any risks by making any random selection in the institute. I attended demo sessions at many places however, Digiperform gave me a different confidence and approach where I felt I could learn and earn post to the completion of Internet Marketing Course. The reviews about the brand and trainer, along with the concept of the live budget were preferably the unique things I found. Q6- How was your experience with Digiperform. Please share your memorable moments? The classes at Digiperform were really interactive, the trainer used to be there for help without any time barrier. Also, the institute had a friendly atmosphere. In addition, studying in the batch were you have every kind of learner, from a house-wife to a production buddy, and then an experienced hotelier to a working professional, plus a student as well. Learning was more of experience and problem sharing and then knowing how digital marketing could benefit each one of us. All of it all together gave a different experience. Q7- How is the faculty and training in DigiPerform? I feel the faculty is the only thing that keeps Digiperform out of the grey space in the digital training market. The kind of experience, scenarios that they shared would really be helpful in long-term. Q8- In your opinion, what is the scope of digital marketing in coming years? The digital economy is growing 10 times faster than the traditional economy and firms are engaging in online activities. Currently and for the next 2-3 years, the specific field is going to grow immensely, creating a large pool of jobs. I feel the job opportunities for the content writer, SEO specialist, Adwords specialist are all going to give huge opportunities to the job seekers. With growing global operations of organizations you will never be working manually always, anyhow at some point you will be asked to come on the digital platform. I think the field will always be growing irrespective of any disturbances in the market. Q9- What are your future plans? For the years to come I’m looking for a Suitable growth perspective wherein, post to three or five years I could be a Client Manager for the big brands, as an expert in the marketing field. Q10- Would you like to give any message to your readers? Search and grab the best opportunities in the market that suits your personality and interest, for making your long-term career, also analyzing the future scope of same. Thanks a lot Pallavi for sharing your valuable input and being the part of Digiperform family. We wish you a great success.
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