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It’s not just the Numbers, It’s about Communication – Sayanti Banerjee

It’s not just the Numbers, It’s about Communication – Sayanti Banerjee
Blogging is an art to showcase your interest in the form of journal entries; through blog writing, videos, small stories on social media, etc. And, a lifestyle blogger is the one who focuses on the various myriad of subjects whether its health, beauty, fashion, etc. The best part of being a lifestyle blogger is that you don’t necessarily stick to one niche, you can blog about multiple subjects. It’s is a miss understanding that there is a huge number of lifestyle bloggers in the market and it’s not easy to stay top in the competition. However, as long you are creating valuable and meaningful content with a focus to share knowledge with the readers, you get acknowledged. Still, don’t believe it, here you can read as well as watch the interview by Digiperform sharing the same viewpoint, by one of the famous lifestyle blogger – Sayanti Banerjee. In the video, she has shared what is the general idea for a lifestyle blogger and how she made it so far…….. Name: Sayanti Banerjee Website: Profile: Lifestyle Blogger | YouTuber | TV Host YouTube Page: The Wow Detector

About Sayanti Banerjee

Sayanti Banerjee is a Lifestyle Blogger cum Youtuber who writes about Lifestyle, Travel, Fashion, Fitness, Wellness, and Beauty. She is also currently hosting a TV Show at TATA Sky about lifestyle & fitness programs; and write film videos exploring these dynamic domains. She has interacted with many celebrities as well as designers, make-up artists, hair stylists and collaborated for many shoots and styling projects. Sayanti believes life is too short and one should opt for only ‘what really matters and why’ which led her to start a career in the same. She is ambitious as well as fitness freak which gives her the energy literally to chase her dreams, while her passion fuels her creative journey. She likes chronograph watch. Being called as dream-catcher by herself, she currently owns a blog as well YouTube page – The Wow Detector.  

How did the journey begin?

She has a very interesting story to share regarding how she started her blogging career. In her initial years, one of the friends asked her to create a special video on Valentine’s Day, just like that. The same video earned more than 10,000 views which made her believe her love for communication is real. She realized that people are interested to view this type of content, especially the content on special occasions. Thereafter, she decided she is meant for communication and quite friendly with the camera as well. She decided to create her own blog channel and share her interest based on lifestyle and fashion. During the DigiTalksbyDigiperform with Sayanti, she shared…….. – When and how did you start your digital career? – Her first YouTube video – YouTube Monetization & YouTube as a portfolio – Brand collaboration – Importance of Repurposing your videos on different platforms – It’s all about real engagement – Hows and Whys of creating your content online? – The behavior of audience of different platforms – Final thoughts

Have a look!

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