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How Jennifer Moss Used Google Adsense to built a successful family business.

How Jennifer Moss Used Google Adsense to built a successful family business.

Sneak Peak:

Watch this video to know how an entrepreneur built a successful family business growing her website and become an expert in her field through Google Adsense. Company: Website: Owner: Jennifer Moss Industry:  Service Tool Used: Google Adsense Business Type: B2B/ B2C

The Website:


Finding the sweetest & the best name for your baby is one of the most amicable jobs that you do as an expecting or new parent. is one of the leading baby names sites online that helps you search and find baby names by letter, name meaning, name origin, or number of syllables, browse boy names or girl names apart from viewing the most popular baby names by year.

Words by Jennifer Moss, Founder & CEO,

“My site started as a database of names and meanings for a software program that I had developed with my mother. When the internet became available for public use, we put that database online and in 1996 it became The site was the first site of its kind, and now gets 1.6 million unique visitors per month. There are four other partners – my mom and three sisters – as well as a hired staff. We first started with AdSense to help us pay our hosting costs, but never imagined it would become a viable business. I went full-time with in 2006, and in one year, doubled our income. AdSense changed the way we did business and it’s been nothing but a positive experience for us. With Google you get a partner who is just as interested in growing your business as you are. You get more than income – you get expertise. It’s opened our minds to what other publishers are doing. We’ve now expanded to a site for pet names and are working on a new site for character names, aimed at authors. And these days, we get asked to speak on national broadcast media about celebrities and their baby names. We’ve become the de facto experts in the field!”
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