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How JIM BAG doubled its sales within 3 months through Facebook Marketing

How JIM BAG doubled its sales within 3 months through Facebook Marketing

Sneak Peak:

Read this case study to know how a company that sells gym bags used Facebook ad campaigns to raise brand awareness and drive online sales; and doubled its sales within 3 month gaining loyal fans and a celebrity following. Company: JIM BAG Industry:  FMCG Tool Used: Facebook Marketing Result: ­ 2X increase in sales in 3 months Business Type: B2C

The Brand & the Story

Unlike the customary & old style of gym bags, JimBag offers today’s customers who are fashion-conscious fitness fans with style, attitude and versatility. Based in Manchester, JIM BAG was founded by Anthony Bingham who stumbled upon the concept of coming up with something like this while juggling office life with gym visits. Anthony Bingham designed the JimBag, a stylish multipurpose bag suitable for both. JimBag was loved by all his friends as the saw it. However, the main challenge before Anthony and his business partner Dominique was to build a wider awareness getting love from target audiences further afield. They turned towards Facebook to achieve their goals as they identified it as the most suitable platform to gain what they wanted and they were able to double the sales within 3 months of time.

Generating brand awareness and driving traffic

As discussed above, Jim Bag founder Anthony and his business partner Dominique wanted to increase brand awareness driving more & more traffic to their website and increase sales in the end.

Words by Dominique Morton, co-owner and Director, JimBag

“Facebook was key to helping us learn about and find our target audience. We built this from our small base of existing customers and extended this audience. The response was fantastic and is getting better and better by the day as this audience grows. Facebook has been a game changer for us here at JimBag.”

Aiming at the target

jimbag-s Beginning the marketing approach with a small but enthusiastic following, Anthony and Dominique seek advice from Facebook for identifying the ways of reaching & engaging their target audience. The team then made use of Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences for enlarging their original customer base. The duo was quite meticulous at choosing their ad content.  Having realized the fact that high quality product images can influence their purchase intent of their potential customers really well, they focused o investing in great product shots for appealing a wider audience on Facebook and holding their interest. Products used:
  • Adverts
  • Video
  • Carousel
  • Desktop News Feed
  • Mobile News Feed
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Custom Audiences
  • Lookalike Audiences

Exceeding the expectations

jimbag-results The well targeted Facebook strategy really worked well for Anthony and Dominique. Available in leading gyms, spas and department stores, JimBag is consistently expanding its range for keeping up with customer demands. JimBag’s August–October 2015 Facebook campaign resulted in:
  • 2X increase in sales in 3 months
  • 40% of its revenue comes from Facebook traffic

Words by Anthony Bingham, founder, co-owner and Director, JimBag

 “Facebook advertising has been our most effective marketing tool to date. It’s allowed us to zone in on our target audience cost-effectively whilst also building our following and audience.”
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