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Job Openings In Digital Marketing Domain In Gurgaon

Job Openings In Digital Marketing Domain In Gurgaon

Gurgaon is a huge hub of everything from startups to medium and large businesses. If anyone wants to be a part of Digital Marketing Community, Gurgaon is one of the best locations to start.
The city has endless opportunities for digital marketers. There are more than 100+ Startups and Digital Marketing Agencies placed in Gurgaon who are looking for skilled digital marketers.
Additionally, there are several Real estate agencies, Ad agencies, manufacturing industries, export houses, and multinational companies located in this region that are upgrading themselves to digital and required resources trained with skills such as Social Media, SEO, email marketing, online advertising, etc.
What you need to keep in mind is that many companies want some level of expertise from the candidates. 
However, that doesn’t mean that freshers aren’t welcome. If you have knowledge and certification in Digital Marketing, then you can easily get a good job in the industry. 
Moreover, there are several institutions that offer Digital Marketing Course in Gurgaon with certifications.

If you are searching digital marketing course in other states, here are some more locations Digital Marketing course in Noida.

You can enroll yourself in such courses to make a big impression on your resume.
Not just in terms of opportunities, digital marketing is highly beneficial in monetary terms as well. According to the stats by Payscale, the Average Salary of Digital Marketing Manager in  Gurgaon is Rs. 653,340.
digital marketing jobs in gurgaonNow let’s look at the scope of swiftly growing and developing digital marketing domain.

Scope of Digital Marketing in Gurgaon

Currently, there is a huge scope of Digital marketing in Gurgaon. The job market in Gurgaon is flooded with a digital marketing job and career opportunities.
There are 100+ Startups, 500+ Multinational companies, 100+ Digital marketing agencies, and 100+ travel agencies located in Gurgaon who are constantly looking for trained Digital Marketers.
Moreover, the city is a hub for several Real estate agencies, manufacturing industries, Ad agencies, and export houses that are shifting their focus from traditional to digital media and required trained professionals with skills such as Social Media, SEO, email marketing, online advertising, etc.
So, certainly, there will be loads of opportunities for digital marketers in Gurgaon with great salary packages.

Who Can Join Digital Industry?

Digital Marketing is suitable for everyone whether a Jobseekers, Entrepreneur, Working Professionals or Business Owners, anyone can shine in this domain.
The best part of this industry is that you don’t require any specific educational background to be a part of this industry. 
People from different sectors and different educational backgrounds have started connecting with the digital industry for better opportunities in terms of career or business.
So anyone can join this industry, all you need is proactiveness, passion, and willingness to learn and grow. 

Digital Marketing Jobs in Gurgaon

Presently, Digital marketing industry is booming and creating lots of career and job opportunities for aspirants.
Surely you have heard about the digital skills gap,  right? There will be 20 lacs job opportunities predicted by the end of the year 2020 and not enough trained digital marketing professionals to fill this skill gap.
You know, for every 10 Internet users in India, 1 Job is created. And because of being home to many Big, small and medium-sized organizations, there are plenty of job options available in Gurgaon.
So, here we will talk about the top digital marketing jobs in Gurgaon. So, let’s get started.

Domain 1: Social Media Marketing

The social media job role is divided into two segments:
#1 Spreading valuable content through Social Media Platforms
#2 Run Paid Social Media Ads

Jobs Available in Social Media Domain:

  • Role1: Social Media Intern 
  • Role2: Social Media Executive
  • Role3: Social Media Specialist/Community Manager


Domain 2: SEO

An SEO Specialist will help you in getting huge traffic on your website organically.

Jobs Available in SEO Domain:

  • Role 1: SEO Intern
  • Role 2: SEO & Webmaster
  • Role 3: Link Building Expert
  • Role 4: SEO Executive
  • Role 5: SEO Specialist/ Consultant


Domain 3: Digital Advertising

A Digital Advertiser job role includes create promotional advertisements and messages and spread them through email marketing, social media marketing, Search engine Advertising, mobile marketing.

Jobs Available:

  • Role1: Search Ads Manager
  • Role2: Display Ads Manager
  • Role3: Social Media Ads Manager


Domain 4: Content Marketing

A content marketer is responsible for creating valuable content and distributes them to the relevant audience and encourages them to interact with the brand significantly.
One of the major benefits of being into content marketing is that you can work from home without or anywhere across the world.

Jobs Available:

  • Role1: SEO Content Writer
  • Role2: E-commerce Content Writer
  • Role3: Web Copywriter
  • Role4: Content Marketing Consultant/ Specialist


Domain 5: Analytics & Optimization

Analytics & optimization job role includes collecting the audience data relevant to your business and tailor your website accordingly.
Analyze customer behavior & creating custom reports specific to your company’s goals.

Jobs Available:

  • Role 1: Web Analyst
  • Role 2: CRO Specialist
  • Role 3: Digital Analytics Specialist- Mobile, Web, Email, Social Analytics
  • Role 4: Customer Relations


Domain 6: CRM Specialists

CRM specialists are responsible for analyzing and constantly examine and monitoring a firm’s practices with existing customers to ensure that retention levels are as high as possible.
They also examine data to discover ways to drive new customers, as well as help in the rollout of such measures.

Jobs Available:

  • Role 1: Digital Account Manager
  • Role 2: Online Reputation & Helpdesk Specialist
  • Role 3: Affiliate/Publisher Relations Executive
  • Role 4: Digital PR/ Influencer Marketing Specialist


Domain 7: Business Development

Business Development specialists’ role is to help the organizations to obtain new clients and advertise other products or services to existing ones; this means this job role is crucial for every business with the desire to grow and expand.

Jobs Available:

  • Role 1: Inbound Sales Specialist
  • Role 2: Digital Solution Sales Specialist


Domain 8: Digital Marketing – Cross Domain

Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium.
Digital marketing specialists manage the online marketing strategy for the organization. They plan and execute digital marketing campaigns and design, maintain and supply content for the organization’s website(s).

Jobs Available:

  • Role 1: Digital Marketing Intern/Executive
  • Role 2: Digital Marketing Officer/Strategist
  • Role 3: Digital Marketing Specialist/Consultant



So, these are the top trending digital marketing jobs profiles in Gurgaon. The domain has never-ending opportunities with various options. And here we have talk about only a few of them.
Moreover, you can check the job portals for assurance. They all are overflowing with Digital marketing jobs.

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