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Latest Digital Marketing Updates of the Week

Latest Digital Marketing Updates of the Week
The internet industry is evolving rapidly day-by-day and with everyone moving fast-breaking things, it’s easy to fall behind on the news that really matters. Therefore it’s our obligation to provide you with the latest happenings and keep you updated. Here we go:

Update 1:

WhatsApp is now labeling your forward messages as “Forwarded”

The Facebook-owned messaging application – WhatsApp – has introduced a new update where users can view the label for the forwarded messages as Forwarded. It will indicate the messages you receive that have been forwarded to you. The update has been declared by the WhatsApp in the blog with an aim to differentiate the context that will help to make one-on-one and groups chat easier to follow. It will also help to understand whether the message has been originally personalized and written by your friend/relative or been forwarded from someone else. To see this new forwarding label, you need to have the latest supported version of WhatsApp on your phone.

Update 2:

Instagram Stories’ New Trending Feature will let your followers “Ask You Questions”

Recently, Instagram has updated a testing feature where users can ask open-ended questions within Instagram Stories along with beautiful colors and icons. The Facebook sister company shared the update on its blog stating this update is to make the content on the app more interactive and realistic. With this update, users can view the number of views, reply through the message, share your favorite answers within stories and view insights. Though the insights option is only available for Business Profile. According to Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom, Instagram will be evolving with more interesting updates not only to attract more video or content creators but also to add a consistent stream of resources to its toolbox for brands and advertisers.

Update 3:

Reddit has added 13 different call-to-action options for advertisers.

Reddit has rolled out 13 new amazing Call-to-Action buttons for advertisers to help them to be creative within ads. Advertisers can view these amazing CTA buttons in a drop-down menu in the Ads Dashboard toward the bottom of the Ad Creation Page. The features are available in the newly redesigned application on the desktop, mobile, and Reddit app. According to a post, advertisers can choose from 13 different CTA copy options:
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  • Install
  • Shop Now
  • View More
  • Sign Up
  • Learn More
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  • Get Showtimes
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Update 4:

Twitter is removing non-validated accounts

Twitter is all geared up to improve the health of its platform by removing all the not-so-required users. Its new content policy is all set to detect unusual behavior like tweeting unnecessary updates, sharing misleading links or the accounts that have been blocked by a large number of users. In case users fall in the same category, they need to validate the account and reset their password. If they don’t follow the same, their accounts will get locked and they won’t be able to log in again. And, the accounts that have been locked will be removed from the followers’ account as well. With this change, users will definitely notice a slight change in follower numbers, with most seeing as little as four or fewer followers removed from their follow list.   “We understand this may be hard for some, but we believe accuracy and transparency make Twitter a more trusted service for public conversation,” writes Twitter’s head of legal, policy, and trust and safety teams, Vijaya Gadde on the Twitter blog. Stay Tuned to know more updates!!!
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