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Instagram Stories’ New Trending Feature will let your followers “Ask You Questions”

Instagram Stories’ New Trending Feature will let your followers “Ask You Questions”
2018 is bringing more pleasure day by day especially for our social media bae(s) as Instagram keeps on toeing (touching) us by introducing cool updates. Likewise, we have already been the fan of the focus portrait mode where we can click our wannabe selfies with perfect portrait, then it’s new IGTV update where we can share long videos with our followers. What else we need! Recently, we have come across Instagram’s new feature where users can ask open-ended questions within Instagram Stories along with beautiful colors and icons. This is a very innovative update by the Facebook sister company to make the content on the app more interactive and realistic. This update may seem like a Poll update where users used to post polls with multiple choice answers. However, with this feature, users can have the option to ask the questions through an open window (stories) and followers/users also have the option to answer the same question in a response to a story or send a direct message as well. Note: The update is available for both personal as well as business Instagram profiles.

Confuse,  how to do it……here are the quick steps to use this new feature – “Ask Me Questions” exclusively for you:

Step 1: Go to your Instagram Account. Click on the Camera option visible on the top-left side of your page. Step 2: Choose “TYPE” filter from the downside. Step 3: Write your question. You can also select various colors on the background. Step 4: Click on the “>” to move forward and select the New Sticker Icon from the top and select “QUESTIONS”. You can also add hashtags like #trendingnow to gain more visibility. Step 5: Then click on Send to and Share as your story. Your ‘Ask Me Questions” story can be seen in your Instagram Stories thereafter. Note: You can apply the same steps even after selecting the picture for your background as well.  

Here is the live demo…..

Motive Behind The Update:

While sharing the update, Instagram has mentioned in its blog that allowing users to participate in open-ended questions answers within Stories will help to create more engagement between the users. Also, it will be opening the door for brands & influencers to be more interactive with their followers at the same time. Though Live videos also provide you with the same platform, the users get the limited time frame to answers those comments. An Instagram spokesperson also confirmed that the app is still testing the feature. But with this feature, you can view the number of views, reply through the message, share your favorite answers within stories and view insights. Though the insights option is only available for Business Profile. According to Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom, Instagram will be evolving with the new updates likes IGTV, shopping icon for e-commerce players, etc. Instagram also recently have given businesses new messaging options within their business profile inboxes to streamline interactions with followers and has expanded a booking and payment feature for a select group of businesses. The motive is not only to attract more video or content creators but to add a consistent stream of resources to its toolbox for brands and advertisers.
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