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I wanted to learn digital marketing when I was in 12th class. Digiperform fulfilled my digital dream.

I wanted to learn digital marketing when I was in 12th class. Digiperform fulfilled my digital dream.
Today, the youth is more focussed and smart when it comes to making decisions about their career. Like one of our trainees, Ishaan Wadhwa from New Delhi who made his mind to learn digital marketing even when he was just in 12th standard. He was so curious to learn digital marketing that he joined Digiperform’s Digital Marketing Course just after completing his schooling. Now, he is a proud Certified Digital Marketer and working as a Project Manager in Internet Moguls Therefore, we decided to get in touch with him and congratulate for his first digital marketing job. Here is the transcript to our conversation with Ishaan. Have a look!

Digiperform: It’s a pleasure to connect with you! Before heading further, we would like to know a bit about you.

Ishaan: Hi, I’m Ishaan Wadhwa from New Delhi, Dil Walon Ka Sheher (belongs to the large-hearted/daring). 😀 I love to call myself an ambitious person who wanted to start earning while studying at school. Yeah, I wanted to make money during my school days but sadly my parents didn’t approve it.  During the days, I came to know about how people could make money online while just sitting at home.  Therefore, I made my mind to learn digital marketing.  Now, I’m a Certified Digital Marketer and looking forward to the field of digital marketing to mark my presence in the industry.  And, Currently, I am working as a Project Manager (Digital Marketing) at Internet Moguls.

Digiperform: What originally attracted you to choose digital marketing as your career?

Ishaan: As I just shared how excited I always had been to start earning in my childhood. Just after my schooling, I decided to learn digital marketing. I searched for the best institute to offer a digital marketing course in Delhi I was keen to know more about digital marketing. So, after my 12th, I joined the digital marketing course at Digiperform.  Who thought that my dream would come true so soon. Yay!

Digiperform: What exactly makes us stand out from the competition & urge you to choose us over others?

Ishaan: First, I liked the ambiance of the center when I entered. The counselors were also very satisfactory. They helped me to understand the whole process and how it could help me to start my career in the same.   Secondly, when I started taking the classes, I liked the LMS content of all the modules. It was very descriptive and easy to understand. No other digital marketing institute could have such kind of informative content that Digiperform has.   It’s amazing. You guys are amazing!

Digiperform: Tell us about your favorite experience you had with us, whether as a learner or as a customer?

Ishaan: I personally liked the trainers of Digiperform. They are very friendly and ready to help even after the completion of my course.  One has said, “The Trainers are the essence of any training. And, Digiperform Trainers are the best.”  Digiperform training session

Digiperform: Would you consider Digiperform as a trusted & reliable resource for Digital marketing training? Why?

Ishaan: Yes, Digiperform is the ultimate place to learn digital marketing. The LMS content of Digiperform is practically proven and authentic which is the valuable source to learn as compared to other institutes.  In short, it has high-quality modules that make them trusted and reliable for digital marketing training. 

Digiperform: If you were to review our training program, what score would you give it out of 10?

Ishaan: I would give a 9 out of 10 for Digiperform training as 1 I’m keeping it for more improvement. I believe, there is always a ray of hope for new improvements.

Digiperform: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Ishaan:  If everything goes around like my plan, then I would like to see myself as a Project Team Head in the coming years. 

Digiperform: If you had a piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Ishaan: There is so much to learn in this field. All you just need is a passion to learn and develop new skills.

Digiperform: Finally, Describe Digiperform in one line.

Ishaan: If you want to develop a skill, then yes this institute is definitely what you should be looking for. Digiperform: Thanks Ishaan, for sharing such valuable feedback. Indeed you are a proud Digiperformer. We wish you good luck for your future.
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