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Learning Digital Marketing can help you kick-start your career as well as ​live your​ entrepreneur dream. – Mayank Singh

Learning has no boundaries. Whether you are a graduate student or have done an MBA, you should not stop learning and exploring new streams. Meet Digiperformer Mayank Singh, who completed his graduation in hotel management, now working as a Digital Marketing – Freelancer and earning more than his last job. In chit-chat session, he shared how digital marketing fascinated him and why he loved Digiperform. Have a look!    

Digiperform: It’s a pleasure to connect with you! Before heading further, we would like to know a bit about you.

Mayank: Hi I’m Mayank Singh from Haldwani. I have completed my degree in Hotel Management and worked in the hospitality sector in Gurugram. Though, I did choose hotel management as per specification as I was not happy enough to pursue it further. I was looking for an option to switch my industry to something where I can sit and earn from anywhere, without any working hours pressure. During the time, I came to know about digital marketing and decided to learn more about it. I joined Digiperform Haldwani as it was recommended by one of my friends. Now, I’m a Digital Marketing Certified and currently earning more than my peers just sitting at home as a Digital Marketer & Website Specialist Freelancer, just like that. 😉  

Digiperform: What originally attracted you to choose digital marketing as your career?

Mayank Singh: All I know the Internet is Baap of All! Everyone is dependent on the internet. When they want to shop, they go to online shopping sites. When they want to book tickets, they log in to travel sites. This made me think that if everything is related to the internet, why not earn through the internet. Therefore, I started to look for various methods to make money online. And, got to know about digital marketing. Now, here I am. A full-fledged Digital Marketer. HeHehe (He giggles)  

Digiperform: What exactly that makes us stand out from the competition & urge you to choose us over others?

Mayank Singh: What attracted me the most is 100% job placement support and certifications offered by Digiperform. The trainers are very knowledgeable and help trainees to learn digital marketing through practical sessions.  

Digiperform: Tell us about your favorite experience you had with us, whether as a learner or as a customer?

Mayank Singh: The favorite moment for me is clearly the time when I was awarded as the best student by Digiperform. It felt like a Superstar! It felt so happy which gave me some sort of motivation to work even harder and to be sincere towards my goal at the same time.  

Digiperform: Would you consider Digiperform as a trusted & reliable resource for Digital marketing training? Why?

Mayank Singh: Of course. Digiperform is one of the Best Digital Marketing Institute in India. I would recommend it. Definitely, I’m a proud trainee – A Proud Digiperformer.  

Digiperform: If you were to review our training program, what score would you give it out of 10?

Mayank Singh: I would rate Digiperform perfect – 10/10.  

Digiperform: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Mayank Singh: In the coming years, I may start my own digital marketing company. 😀  

Digiperform: If you had a piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Mayank Singh: Make the best of your time learning and earning through your passion.  

Digiperform: Finally, Describe Digiperform in one line.

Mayank Singh: The mentor who will teach you how to Learn and Earn.   Thanks, Mayank for your valuable input and such good feedback. We are delighted to announce you as a Happy Digiperformer. We wish you good luck.  
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