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How NetBrain achieved millions in revenue through LinkedIn Marketing

How NetBrain achieved millions in revenue through LinkedIn Marketing

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Read this case study to know how an enterprise software company used LinkedIn Sponsored Content and InMails for reaching niche audience of technology influencers, raising awareness of product offering as well as building relationships with targeted accounts and could influence $4.1 million in revenue.   Company: NetBrain Industry: Information Technology Tool Used: LinkedIn Marketing Result: $4.1 million in revenue influenced by LinkedIn Business Type: B2B

Targeting the specific demography of technology influencers

An enterprise software company, NetBrain offers businesses a platform for automating network documentation and troubleshooting. Creating and maintaining network documentation is a huge challenge because networks change constantly,” says Priyank Savla, NetBrain’s digital marketing manager. “Our solution creates and updates network documentation automatically.” Reaching the right prospects however was the biggest challenge for NetBrain. Finding its target audience that was senior-level network engineers at large enterprises seemed difficult through traditional advertising methods. “I could advertise in trade magazines, but I don’t know if that person is senior enough,” says Savla. “The same is true of keyword advertising. Just because someone is searching for our products doesn’t mean they are the right customer.” “Our major challenge is just finding the right person, which is where LinkedIn really helps, because I can’t target our audience in a better way.”

Generating awareness among tech influencers

With a help of a dual-pronged approach, NetBrain tried to reach each targeted prospects through both LinkedIn Sponsored Content and Sponsored InMail. Sponsored Content helped the brand in serving up use cases to targeted prospects. Prospects were asked to sign up for an on-demand product demo after they clicked through to NetBrain’s homepage. The strategy NetBrain had creating and implementing for Sponsored Content was generating generate leads from a mass audience based on specific job titles irrespective of whether the prospect’s company is too small to target. “We understand that people switch jobs all the time, so we are willing to spend money to educate them,” says Savla.

Reaching the right people

At the same time, the brand made use of Sponsored InMail for an extremely targeted purpose and that they targeted employees at companies identified by their sales team as likely prospects. Moreover, their initiative of offering a free network documentation through InMail yield them exceptional results. “Our click-through rates on LinkedIn InMail are ten times higher than click-through rates on our standard email blasts,” says Savla. “So it’s more permissive in nature and it just performs really well.” One of its kinds advertising model, InMail helped NetBrain in providing detailed information on their solution for ensuring the prospects understood the problem the brand could help solve. Defining how InMail proved to be an ideal tool for marketing complex solutions won’t be possible in a sentence or two. “When we reach out to people using Sponsored Content, we are just giving product information. But when we send a Sponsored InMail, we really want to begin a relationship.”

Generating revenue with the best targeting 

The awesome results that LinkedIn yielded made the NetBrain to use its products further and that the brand has been using these LinkedIn products since more than a year. LinkedIn marketing helped the brand in influencing nearly $4.1 million in new revenue apart from establishing relationships with pre-qualified accounts and raising awareness of product with influential audience. “We’ve seen a lot of good results, and there are a lot of other deals in the pipeline that could potentially project higher revenues.”

Words by Priyank Savla, Digital Marketing Manager, NetBrain Technologies Inc.

“LinkedIn offers the most precise targeting and messaging of any platform. It helps you reach the right people with the right message.”

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