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PM encourages the role of Youth to achieve – The vision of Digital India – Skill India

PM encourages the role of Youth to achieve –  The vision of Digital India – Skill India

Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi is one of the sizzling personalities who has mesmerized the country through his perfect plans. From Digital India to Skill India, each mission has proved his only motto to help India to be recognized as one of the top developed countries in the coming years.

One of his mainstreaming programs – Digital India – has aimed at inclusive growth in areas of network connectivity, electronic services, products, manufacturing and job opportunities, etc. Even, the Government of India has embarked on an ambitious program to bridge India’s digital platform, connect thousands of villages to the Internet and create millions of jobs.

Digital India is the first step that is aimed at transforming the country into a digitally empowered society and a knowledge economy. With the enforcement of Digital India Initiative, India’s internet population has crossed over 465 million and our country has been experiencing rapid strides of progress with an evolving payments landscape, universal access to mobile connectivity, online Aadhar card-linking, Public Internet Access Programme, online ordering, digital jobs and many more internet innovations.

The second step, ‘Skill India’ which is supposed to be a multi-skill programme that brings hope for the youth. This fulfills the real agenda to create opportunities, space, and scope for the development of the talents of the Indian youth and to develop more of those sectors which have already been put under skill development for the last so many years and also to identify new sectors for skill development.

When Prime Minister Launches SKILL INDIA on the Occasion of World Youth Skills Day, 18,000 plus ITI graduating students received job offer letters on the occasion of World Youth Skills Day where Government sets the target to provide skill training to 40.02 crore people by 2022.  

Talking about Indian Economy, India is expected to emerge as one of the leading economies in the World and likely to become a $5 trillion economy by 2025 where the major impetus is being given to strengthening the backbone of our economy by the SME sector.

The number of SMEs which is estimated to be at 42.50 million (registered and non-registered together) which will employ about 106 million which is 40% of India’s total workforce. Comprehending the significance of the SME sector vis-a-vis lending numbers to the job market, contribution to GDP and fostering entrepreneurship and innovation, getting skilled under Skilled India Initiative can work as a wonder in all the parameters.

With the same advancements, the akin learning initiative can aim at bringing the huge gap that exists between the business’ digital skill needs and the availability of professionally trained fresh talents.

Recently, Prime Minister has launched Nasscom’s platform – FutureSkills – for skill development in eight varied technologies through Video Conference during the inaugural session of the World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT)-2018, especially targeting to the youth of our country.

Also, at Modi Ji addressed a State Level Youth Convention at Tumakuru, Karnataka, via video conference, on the theme – Youth Power: A vision for New India. He says, he tries his best to meet youth as much as possible, to understand their hopes and aspirations, and work accordingly. He completely believes in the fact that youth are the true pillars of Modern India – Developed India.


Why PM Encourages youth for skill development?

In the changing world scenario with regard to industry and the job market, there is now an overpowering need for skilled workers degrees. India is relatively young as a nation with around 28 million youth population being added every year.

More than 50 percent of its population is below the age of 25 and more than 65 percent are aged below 35. In 2017, The Indian Finance Minister presented his Budget Speech in the Parliament keeping youth engagement as a major working area.

Education and Skills Development continue to be a development priority and the Finance Ministry has amply provisioned for existing initiatives to be scaled up and newer initiatives to also be launched. The Budget 2017 brings in much more focus on Job creation and Skills Development.

Because our Govt believes that more we give importance to skill development, the more competent will be our youth as they are the active partners in nation’s development.

With Digitalization, the Govt claims to skill and up-skill about two million technology professionals and skill another two million potential employees and students over the next few years. The platform offers skilling and upskilling are Digital Marketing (Internet of Things), Artificial Intelligence (AI), virtual reality, robotic process automation, big data analytics, 3D printing, cloud computing and social and mobile. With the advent of new technologies, skilling of young professionals is critical.

Why is it important to get skills? How can you work to enhance your skills?

Skill-Based Jobs: About 90 percent of employment opportunities require skills. Only 20 percent of our graduates get employed. The rest are unable to get suitable employment due to the lack of employable skills.

In the present context of globalization, the demand for skilled and multi-skilled workers has increased. This major factor has even encouraged top big companies to do something called Skilled Based Hiring.

If you want to be the part of this developing Digital India, you should enhance your skills according to it. With over 84% 4G network availability, India has emerged as the strong and high potential country in terms of Digitalization and has been constantly on the parallel path to break all the barriers in online marketing.

Where the Buyer & Seller of India is already Digital already, incorporating Online Marketing Training will help to understand the mindset of online platforms for designing better Online Business Strategies.

With the same advancements, the businessmen, as well as young talents, are in need to understand the working and psychology of online consumers and get skilled to win over their competitors and earn potential clients as well as job opportunities.

How can online marketing aka digital marketing help youth for a promising career?


  • No specific Educational Background and Lucrative Job Opportunities:

The drawback of any industry is that they need professionals of specific backgrounds which make the jobs not approachable to every job seekers. However, Digital Marketing is all about the internet and the biggest testament to the democratization that digital media has brought into our jobs market and for same for which you don’t need a specific set of qualifications.

Your passion and love for internet are all matters. Another best aspect of digital marketing is you don’t have to begin your career from scratch if you want to make it big in the business. All you need is Skill. The multinational companies are always hiring on the urge and are in need for more skilled marketers. So you will find the job opportunities everywhere.


  • Choose what sector interests you:

Digital marketing is a huge industry and there is a lot going on under the umbrella. You can master a multitude of roles in digital marketing for a wide variety of roles and skills as per your interest in the internet. You can become content or email marketer, social media or mobile marketer, e-commerce executive, inbound marketer, an SEO or PPC executive or you can be an online PR expert.


  • You’ll be in high demand

No matter what field of business you are in; whether its hospitality, production, media etc, marketing is going to be the true winner. Also, businesses are crying out to tune themselves into digital just because people are more reluctantly depended on the internet for their chores.


Though the availability of skilled marketers is less in the market as compared to the need. Also, the online Marketing is not just limited to companies, even political leaders are greatly relying on digital marketing to grow their influence, for example, you must have seen Narendra Modi or Donald Trump’s sensational campaigns all over online platforms which are the unseen hand of digital marketing only.


  • Raise yourself to be an Entrepreneur

Your experience in online marketing, will not only get you better job opportunities but will be immensely helpful if you are planning to become an entrepreneur in coming years. You will have a better understanding of customers’ needs better, evaluate the market fitness of products and assess demand in the market than others who are new to this.

You will also be sensitive to the changing needs of your customers and their perceptions as per the latest trends.


  • Boost your confidence:

Learning new and interesting skills-sets and gaining knowledge can also be an empowering experience; earning a certificate can increase and boost confidence level as you set some new challenging goals.

Key Takeaways:

  • The world is going Digital and by the year 2020, all the companies around the world including India as well World will have an online presence and thus creating a lot of career opportunities.
  • Online Marketing is a progressive as well as the entertaining field. With technology developing every day, you have to continuously develop your marketing skills so that your career keeps growing.
  • According to this research, the digital economy is growing 10 times faster than the traditional economy and firms that engage in online trading are twice as likely to be creating jobs as firms that aren’t.
  • It provides you with various types of career options. If you love social media you can be a social media manager, you can go for web designing or if you are a born writer, go for content marketing and so on. You can use your career the way you want.
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