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10 Tips to Start a Digital Marketing Career as a Fresher (Job Seeker)

10 Tips to Start a Digital Marketing Career as a Fresher (Job Seeker)
No wonder, sometimes, it gets scary to start your career as a fresher or find the first marketing job. Regardless of whether you’re new to the industry as a fresher or mere job seeker, you must have realized that every organization or brand is looking for someone who has years of experience. But, not to worry! And, if you are looking for a career in digital marketing, then there is no better time than now. Why? India is already a World’s Second biggest internet population and it all set to become double in the next 3 years. There are still 70% of 50 million SMBs waiting to go Digital in India. Majorly, they are unaware of internet-based marketing and tools. To overcome these challenges, they need local manpower to operate these platforms are creating a huge challenge for these business owners to adopt digital. They need Digital Marketers!  As per Gartner, 1 job in India will be created for every 10 internet users by 2025. With 500 Million current internet users in India, 10% of it will lead to a lot of internet-related jobs to be catered.  And, not just at India level, digital marketing is gaining a huge success at global as well. For example, according to Internet World Stats, 
  • 95% of North Americans access the internet regularly whereas 
  • 35% of Africans use the internet. 
For digital marketers and marketing graduates, this rate of internet usage will definitely be going to create an impact where the requirement of these skills are needed the most around the globe. Now, the real question arises, which country offers the highest salary package for digital marketers? Where is the demand for hiring digital marketing certified professionals is high?  Well, here is the top list of countries that are in desperate need of skilled digital marketers in the current scenario:
  • Canada
  • India
  • America
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Australia
  • Ireland
  • Philippines

Average Salaries for Digital Marketers Around the Globe

Although the skills gap and the demand for digital marketers is high all around the world, here are the average salaries of digital marketing specialists vary between countries. 
  • Philippines: PHP 310, 891
  • United Kingdom: £33,3 46
  • India: Rs 304 ,844
  • Australia: $78,786
  • Canada: C$50,102
  • Ireland: €40,604
This looks cool, right! salary-of-digital-marketers-across-countries Do you ever wish of making any of these? If your answer is in positive, then well done you have settled on the right track i.e. Career in Digital Marketing.  There are many recruiting agencies around the World that provides a great opportunity for clients and candidates like Recruitment Agency Dubai. Recently, one of our trainees, Harpreet Singh also got appointed in Dubai through such agencies and currently working at a package of INR 12Lakh per annum. Therefore, if you’ve considered switching gears and getting into digital marketing, right now is an ideal opportunity to do it and start your career. Here are 10 things you can do to start your career in digital marketing:  
  1. Zeal to Learn

Digital marketing is both quickly developing and incredibly competitive industry. It’s simple for organizations to differentiate between competitors who have the eagerness to learn, and who are curious to see what can happen next. Therefore, one needs to have a passion to learn to this new trendy industry and must feel excited to be part of it.   
  1. Stay Updated

You have to keep over industry news by following major digital marketing blogging sites and persuasive individuals via social media. As the significant players, for example, Google, Facebook and Twitter normally change their paid marketing platforms and algorithms, you’re in for a wild ride if you don’t keep over the most recent changes. For the same, you can follow major top digital marketing websites and bloggers like Neil Patel, MarketingLand, ScialMediaExaminer, Digiperform Blog, etc.  
  1. Networking

Surround yourself with people who are more talented than yourself. The general population you meet will be your progressing support network when you keep running into issues. Just as assistance to open doors to opportunities you probably won’t have generally found. Go to industry meet-ups and meetings in your general vicinity to support associations with other advanced advertisers and improve your range of abilities through inside and out workshops and introductions. It is essential to get your name out there, and the most ideal approach to do that is by networking. This is going to make individuals to recollect you, it is additionally going to give you great connections that can help you in numerous areas all through your career. One individual may know where you can get specific training. Another may have a lead on an extraordinary job. You will likewise have the option to learn from their experience and added a list of experts you can use to assemble a great team.  
  1. Look For Personal Projects

Evaluate your very own thoughts and don’t simply treat the industry leaders opinions as gospel. Everything isn’t constantly high contrast in the digital marketing industry with many hazy areas between best practice and what can really get results for a business. Each digital marketer should have personal projects to test out theories, take a hand at various orders (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Content Marketing and so on.) and have the option to take responsibility for the achievement or disappointment of a project. Initially, you can start taking projects at free to gain some exposure in handy. Documents those experiences. Create your digital database. And, there are several career opportunities with Digital Marketing where you can also make money online career opportunities as a Digital Marketer 
  1. Learn The Terminology

Digital marketers should be alright with abbreviations, for example, PPC, SEM and SEO. They all are very different terms with a misunderstanding of them being a reasonable sign that you have a beginners range of abilities and need further preparing. The capacity to analyze the digital marketing campaigns and comprehend what components worked or not is reliant on your capacity to comprehend industry language.  
  1. Build Your Personal Brand

Extravagant yourself as a digital marketing hotshot yet you have no obvious online presence? If you need to show to a business that you can assemble their organization’s visibility then you have to demonstrate that you can initially build your own personal brand.  A strong online presence could possibly be the deciding factor between two competitors who have connected for a similar position.  
  1. Ability To Execute And Analyze Drip Marketing Campaigns

Inbound marketing is a key ability in driving lead age. While numerous marketers can concoct an underlying imaginative engagement strategy or CPC campaign, what interests more is the way they analyze the approaching information and make a powerful trickle promoting the effort. Great automation on these crusades isn’t tied in with sending a similar email to the whole audience. It’s about close to home, elegantly composed communication that changes relying upon the activities performed seven messages profound into the battle. That is a ton of variety and requires an analytical mindset and strategic thinking. Exceptional marketing happens when the art of communication develops the major science of conversion.  
  1. A Likable Personality

Relationship building is such a gigantic segment of digital marketing, and an agreeable character can go far. With such huge numbers of individuals attempting to interface with distributors, bloggers, columnists, and influencers, somebody with an extraordinary character will dependably emerge and order consideration. If you are being pitched by two comparable individuals and one individual is proportionate to conversing with a block divider and the other individual is cordial and wonderful, who are you going to give your opportunity to? The equivalent applies to look after connections having an affable character assumes such a huge job, yet it’s frequently overlooked.  
  1. Listening Skills

As a digital marketer, it should be our capacity to advance our services through words, pictures, video, and internet-based life is fundamental. Digital marketing likewise gives a chance to its pros to tune in to different gatherings of individuals, from customers to purchasers, in new ways. Through online life and logical devices, we can tune in to our shoppers’ musings on an item, applicable issue or our own administrations. As a recruiter, when I employ a digital marketer, I’ll check whether they’ve looked to tune in to shopper and customer needs and make an answer from their own perceptions or bits of knowledge.  
  1. Certifications

If you truly need to emerge from your friends in the business, finishing a guaranteed digital marketing course from reputed digital marketing institute will help. One of the issues confronting the digital marketing industry is that there are no boundaries to section, implying that anybody with a free handle of industry terminology can possibly get a position in an organization.  

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