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Top Social Media Job Profiles Freshers Must Be Aware of

Top Social Media Job Profiles Freshers Must Be Aware of
“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life!” -Confucius
You might be a fresher right now but a fact that no one can deny is that your work is going to fill a large part of your life rest everything you do will be called a past time or a hobby one day. Yet again fact that you will only be truly satisfied if you do what you believe is great work. And! The only way to do that is to do what you love! Isn’t it! Doesn’t mean everyone of us love social media as the title of the article is signaling but yes for those who love social media and love doing distinguished activities on social media, here are 8 job profiles they must be aware of particularly if they freshers.

Social Media Strategist

Execution is important but the most important is the right execution and so the right strategy! Whether it is a simple post or a gripping visual every page has its own importance. Social media accounts for the brand voice and its identity along with the return on investment for the business and so a wise strategy happens to be of utmost priority. A social media strategist should create the right blueprint for all social platforms that the brand is associated with or wants to get on. The strategy should be devised in such a way that it should lead to the brand’s growth.

Online Reputation Manager

Being an online reputation manager you need to safeguard and develop the image of the brand across social media channels. That involves answering queries, offering solutions and keeping the brand’s pages interactive and engaging.

Social Media Community Manager

As the title of the job profile signifies a social media community manager has to manage various communities on different social media sites the brand is associated with. They need to recognize the budding threats for the brand and uproot them completely for which they require sharp observation ability with a great presence of mind and prudent communication skills. They need to take part in all the trending conversations pitching in the brand in the most subtle way and keeping the brand’s social community engaged at the same time.

Business Development Executive

As it sounds a business development executive needs to develop more business for the company through social media that not only involves spotting the prospects or pitching the marketing message but takes account of everything starting from making proposals to warming leads.


Of course these were the jobs that are directly related to social media however there are a few job profiles that are associated with the various tasks of social media are that of Content Writing (as you might need to create various content for it including blogs, articles & so on), graphic designing (as you might need to design various creatives for social media) and copy writing (as you might need to create some short & crisp but interesting copies of write-ups for social media)


With the world going digital and so the businesses spot you at the right place before someone else does it especially if you are getting a job you are actually fond of.

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