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Create Your Personal Brand on Social Media Before Turning 30 in 3 Easy Steps

Create Your Personal Brand on Social Media Before Turning 30 in 3 Easy Steps
It isn’t really tough to articulate a brand’s or person’s identity through social channels but what you need is to broadcast the right message at the right time in the right way. Of course personal branding through social media isn’t very common in India at present or it would be right to say people aren’t that aware about it in the country, which is however at boom all across the world. People in India are still struggling on how to actually go about it. By the way! Why actually would one require a personal branding or the personal customer relationship management? It would never amaze you if I say a small goof-up on the social media can turn the entire management of your company upside down for a while and that everyone seems to be scurrying around for smash up control. Hence! This is what! I mean this is why we need a personal branding in simple words. Now, this was a simple answer to the question as to why branding on social media is so crucial. One more important point that exists is what identity you hold when you are not associated with your brand or the organization. Even the venture capitalists would first want to know who you are and then the business idea that you have just like the way the potential employers or the head-hunters. Now you must be thinking of planning a social media game for personal branding! Right? Here are 5 easy steps to help you with that?
  1. Build a network of trusted proponents

Who will be your audience for personal branding? Of course! Your industry natives are going to be your audience including all the people that hold importance in your fraternity. Yes! It includes your bosses for sure! 😀 So, not just add them on Linkedin but even on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & so on in order to build a better rapport with them as they are the people who are going to present with some awesome testimonials that actually matter for you for your personal branding & career.
  1. Keep in mind the look & feel of your page

Just like the way brand recall value is important for an organization it is for an individual too. So, the way you design your page I mean the images that you use, content your post, memes you share and everything must be standing for something and have relevancy. And remember! Along with it maintain the consistency in everything at the same time!
  1. Look before you leap

Sharing good ideas & messages is awesome but sharing them irrelevantly may land you in trouble. Like the way you look at the signal, your left and right before your cross the road, look everywhere around before you share your opinion to know what others are talking about. You might have an awesome point but if you couldn’t present it well all your hard work went in vein. Very wisely share your opinion on other’s opinion as well and add life to your page. Make it more engaging and interactive.

Very Important!

It’s not that you need another article to learn more about personal branding. The moment you implement personal branding on social media you learn each day then on as don’t forget all theories could be at one side and one practical can help you understand what the idea is! So, what are you thinking of? Go and plan your social media game for your personal branding today itself before you turn 30 or if you already have make each day count on social media.

Please Note:

There isn’t any age barrier for creating a personal brand however it’s always good if you knuckle down on this idea before its little late. The sooner you realize the fine line between branding for an organization and branding for you the better it is for your personal branding. Please share your comments if the article helped you in any way in creating a personal brand.

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