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Why housewives should build a career in Digital Marketing?

Why housewives should build a career in Digital Marketing?
No wonder, there was a time when women were merely limited to their day to day household core activities or just taking care of babies. Now, the role of women is more improvised with the help of education, parents’ guidance and indulgence in social activities. With proper education and upbringing, gone are the days when they are only considered as Mothers or Housemakers. Today’s women are more educated and capable of living independently. However, there is still a section of women in the society, who even after accomplishing the ideal education or degrees, are still stuck to the same routine. The section is Housewives. No wonder, housewives are the backbone of society. However, the time comes in their lives when they do want to get out of their comfort zone and live their career dreams. With the same chase, they no longer interested to sit just at homes and not to prefer work. In this century, you will find every housewife educated and using technology to stay updated all the time. Whether they are using Facebook to chat with their friends, ordering online, looking for cooking recipes on YouTube, watching their favorite daily soaps on apps, etc.; are so frenzied for the internet. Therefore, these tech-women can turn their addiction to the internet into big-time independent earning.

How? With Digital Marketing!

Digital Marketing is one of most demanding industries of this millennium that is helping businesses to promote their products or services. Also, it’s creating a huge platform for job seekers or freelancers to earn their livelihood. This is the only industry that is solely depended on the internet and your marketing skills. Still feeling confused and wondering what is digital marketing and how digital marketing can help housewives to earn independently. We are here to help! In this post, we will discuss what is digital marketing, why housewives should learn digital marketing and why should housewives build a career in digital marketing. Here we go!

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing (online marketing) is the new form of marketing that helps businesses or companies to promote their products or services with the help of digital devices and internet. It also refers to branding and advertising companies (mostly online) through various digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. It is a universal platform.

Why housewives should learn digital marketing?

Easy To Learn

Learning digital marketing is the easiest compared to other studies. You can learn digital marketing through online Youtube videos, blogs, ebooks, and other forms. Or, you can go for a part-time digital marketing course offered by many digital marketing institutes in the market. The investment in learning digital marketing is very low.  There is the variant range of short to long-term online courses available in the market ranging from Rs 18K to 65K as per the set of modules and duration. There is no harm for anyone to add this trending skill set and learn about the latest technologies. All you need is to know the basic language and knowledge of how to use the internet. So being a housewife, if you are investing in a digital marketing course, then do not worry, the investment to start a business is just minimal.

Trending Profession

It is one of the Top 5 trending Professions around the world coming after doctors, teachers, scientists, and engineers. Today, everything is dependent on the internet, from shopping to paying bills, booking airline tickets to watching movies, etc; and businesses can only approach their online customer base with the help of internet and digital marketing. Every brand today targeting their audience (online customers) on social media platforms or running advertisements on Google to advertising their products and services. For this, they are in need of skilled digital marketers who know about digital marketing and can handle marketing tactics even through their homes. This profession is booming and one should acquire the skill if looking for a trendy but creative way out to earn money.

Freelancing Opportunities

This is the best way out for housewives that proves very helpful in managing their homes as well as working life. Learning digital marketing will boost your chances of having freelance opportunities and earn simultaneously. The companies are in need of digital marketers and this is the only industry that doesn’t require your physical presence in the office. Therefore, companies, more importantly, looking for freelancers who can manage their work from anywhere at low cost. Digital Marketing offers various job roles that you can follow as a Freelancer such as: Digital Marketing Executive Content Marketing Executive Content Writers Inbound Marketing Executive Social Media Marketing Experts/Specialists Search Engine Marketers SEO Executives PPC Specialist Conversion Rate Optimizer CopyWriters Youtuber/Video Maker Blogger Affiliate Marketer Campaign Expert Email Marketing Expert/Manager Payscale of these profiles varies as per your experience and number of projects you have managed. It is ideally advisable to start your freelancing career with free or volunteer projects just to gain some experience. There is no harm in working as a volunteer or for free to gain specific skill sets to add in your profile. Once you get confident, you can charge accordingly as per the marketing trends. Also, Build your online profile. Brand yourself as an expert. It will help you to gain beneficial contacts and acquire more paying projects.

No Need To Leave Your Sweet Home

As we have mentioned earlier, the best and gracious part of this industry that you don’t need to work for 9 to 5 shifts and leave your homes just to satisfy your financial or career needs. All you need is digital marketing skill and internet to perform all the core working responsibilities. As a housewife, it will be delighted to have such kind of flexibility where you can fulfill your career dream as well as take care of your house or children simultaneously. Therefore, learning digital marketing is anytime a convenient and right option for you to manage work and manage house altogether.

Fulfill Your Dream and Be The Next Entrepreneur

Every woman has a dream where she can work all on her own and stay independent. But, sometimes things don’t go plan due to many responsibilities. If you fall in this league, you can start living your dream and passion by learning digital marketing. For example, if you are good in stitching clothes, then you can open up a small online store and market your products in the best possible way. If you are passionate for writing then you can start off with your own blog. Roohi and Arshi Conclusion: Digital marketing is the booming industry of this millennium. You don’t need any qualification, all you need is the knowledge of the internet and passion to live your dream. And being a housewife of this technological era, digital marketing can provide a platform to explore and implement your choices and dreams. This is your time to chase what you want to achieve in your life and if you are passionate about it, no one can stop you from getting it. All the best!
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