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15 Amazing Email Subject Lines You’ll Probably want to Click

15 Amazing Email Subject Lines You’ll Probably want to Click
We receive tons of emails every day and a lot of them are never opened. Right? Nowadays, people are too busy and they don’t have much time to check every single email. So how do you ensure that they click on your mail? What urge your recipients to take that extra step to actually open one of those emails? Often, it’s the subject line. And, People have a tendency to judge emails by their subject lines.  The subject lines may seem like just a liner or small part of the message but hold the first impression of the emails. And, for marketing purposes, subject lines play a big role in email opening rates. It is the only way to stand out in the crowded inbox for marketers. Your subject lines have the power to make or break your email marketing campaigns. Statistically, 68% of email recipients decide whether to open the email or not on the basis of subject lines. There are several tools available in the market to analyze your Email subject lines as well. You can take the help of these tools to maximize your open rate.  That’s why it is necessary to craft compelling subject lines to get potential attention from your recipients as well to deserve a good email open rate.

What makes an Email Subject Line stand out in the crowded inbox?

The regardless recipient knows the sender, opening an email depends on essential elements that your email’s subject line should possess. Before digging into the examples, let’s read few fundamental factors what makes a great subject line. Urgency: Communicating urgency and scarcity in the email subject line help recipients to click on emails. An Offer: Especially common among e-commerce players. The day end offers, new products launches or free/discounted offers lead recipients to click based on the human tendency to have free/discounted things.   Curiosity: If subject lines include natural curiosity or interest helps to get more information and result in high open rate. Personalization: Subject lines indicating subscribers’ preferences, likes/dislikes, jobs etc. It should cater towards the individual. Name Recognition: When you understand individual preferences, including their names in your content and mentioning in the subject lines, helps to attract subscribers. Timeliness and relevance: Crafting email subject lines that incorporate trending topics or timely headlines can help you establish your brand as an authority within your industry. Cool Stories: The Compelling allusive story in the subject lines stating cool stories intrigue readers to open or click the email to read the story.   One of the finest ways to write email subject lines for higher opens without being marked as spam is by using the words that trigger the natural human tendencies and psychological ethics. Let’s read out 15 examples of the best subject lines for your email marketing campaigns that fall under some important fundamental factors. Have a look! These are some of the good examples you can use as an inspiration to create your email subject lines to boost your email open rates.
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