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4 in 10 internet users worldwide use Linkedin: GlobalWebIndex

4 in 10 internet users worldwide use Linkedin: GlobalWebIndex
This week itself we saw Microsoft buying LinkedIn for a whopping $26bn and now a new study unveils that 4 in 10 internet users are on the social networking giant. As per the report released by Global Web Index, the business-focused social network has exhibited steady and consistent growth in its users over the past few years. While in 2012 only 2 in 10 i.e. one fifth internet users had a LinkedIn account, the social network can now boast to have almost 40% of internet users as its members. And the way work-related networking is becoming more important drive for social media usage, the social networking site should be rest assured for this positive trajectory to continue further. The report also revealed that the social outlets for professionals appeal most to the higher-income networkers. Almost half of the top 25% income segment are LinkedIn members. It gives some context to the massive price tag that was attached to the platform and as to why it’s an obvious acquisition for Microsoft, for the technology company can target these segments with cloud-based professional solutions. 4 in 10 internet users worldwide use Linkedin-1
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